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Divorce reports for Hollywood couple

Celebrity relationships and marriages often appear to be a fairytale until they end. Just like the end of any marriage in New Jersey, a celebrity's divorce can be painful, humiliating and bitter. Unfortunately for celebrities, all of their marital secrets are splashed in the media for anyone to read. Georgina Chapman has recently announced her separation and plans for divorce from her husband, Harvey Weinstein, after multiple women have accused him of sexual assault.

Georgina Chapman, who is now 41 years old, began a relationship with her 65-year-old husband more than 10 years ago, after he helped her start her fashion design business. Not only did he support her business financially, but he used his Hollywood connections to encourage the growth of her fashion line. She owns and operates the fashion line Marchesa, which is reportedly suffering due to the allegations against her husband. More than 40 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct in the last couple of weeks.

High asset divorce and dissipation of marital wealth

Untangling marital assets is one of the most difficult parts of ending a New Jersey marriage. For spouses preparing for a high asset divorce, the process can be even more challenging.  Spouses who share a diverse mix of assets must take precautions to ensure that dissipation of marital wealth is not an issue in their divorce case.

Dissipation of marital wealth is a process through which one spouse intentionally acts to reduce the amount of marital assets available for division in divorce. Dissipation can take a number of different forms, some of which are more common than others. For example, many people have experienced or know someone else who is going through a scenario in which one spouse spends marital funds to support an affair with an outside party.

Breaking divorce news to your children

Your children are accustomed to living with both of their parents. They feel stable in having you both there because that is the only arrangement they've ever known. If you and your husband decide that the marriage is over, one of the most difficult first steps may be breaking the news to the kids.

Of course, you want to address the matter in a loving, age-appropriate way. With that in mind, here are some things to consider:

Understanding how divorce will impact taxes

For most New Jersey residents who are going through the end of a marriage, their upcoming tax return is the last thing on their minds. It is important, however, to think about the impact that a divorce will have on one's tax obligation in the years to follow. That understanding can help both spouses to plan for their financial futures. 

One of the most basic changes is in each party's tax filing status. In the eyes of the IRS, a person is considered to be unmarried for the entirety of the year in which their divorce is made final. That means that each party will have to file as "single" or "head of household," depending on whether their children are living in their home. 

Should unwed parents receive equal access to child custody court?

For most New Jersey parents, this question seems to have an obvious answer. However, it is important to understand that jurisdictions across the nation have the right to dictate how their local legal system operates. An example is found in a Midwestern state that recently made headlines over how child custody cases involving unwed parents are handled.

At issue was not the outcome of cases involving unmarried parties, but the manner in which those cases were processed. In accordance with long-standing practice, child custody cases involving unmarried parents were heard in "parentage" court. That state also had language on the books that until recently referred to the offspring of unwed parents as "bastards."

Unique approach to collecting past due child support

For many New Jersey parents, struggling to provide financial support for their kids is an ongoing challenge. In households where only one parent is present, financial support from the other parent is critical to covering expenses related to raising shared children. When child support is not forthcoming, it places an enormous burden on families and on state agencies tasked with collecting unpaid child support.

An unusual approach is currently underway in the nation's capital. Parents who have fallen behind on their child support obligations are invited to participate in an amnesty program. The goals of that program include getting parents back on track and providing assistance in meeting child support obligations.

How to select the best possible divorce attorney

One of the first steps that any New Jersey spouse must take when preparing to end a marriage is selecting a legal representative to guide that process. Choosing a divorce attorney can be an intimidating task. For many people, this is the first time that they have had the need for family legal services, and knowing where to begin can be a challenge.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a divorce attorney is his or her overall demeanor and personality. During the course of a divorce, it will be necessary to spend a considerable amount of time discussing deeply personal matters with one's divorce attorney. Being comfortable with that individual is key to building a relationship where the highest level of disclosure is comfortable.

How financial advisors can assist in property division

Some New Jersey spouses have the good fortune of a simple and easy divorce. For most, however, a number of factors will serve to complicate the divorce process, especially when it comes to matters of property division. Working through those issues can be far easier with the services of a financial advisor who specializes in divorce settlements.

One way that an advisor can assist is by searching for hidden or overlooked assets. While some spouses will intentionally try to shield assets from the divorce process, often it is simply a matter of an honest error. Consider, for example, the ways in which today's workers progress through their careers. Very often, individuals end up with multiple individual pensions before they are ready to retire. It is easy to overlook assets that were set into motion many years ago.

Slips and trips in stores: Hazards to look out for

When walking through a mall or department store, you expect to be safe. As you browse the shops, the last thing on your mind are conditions that might be potentially dangerous. It is the property owner's or operator's duty to ensure that the premises are safe for customers. That means that if you suffer an injury on someone else's property, that individual or company might be legally responsible for the damages.

Since getting hurt while shopping is not on your to-do list, it is important to stay on the lookout for dangerous conditions. Read further to find out more about hazards to watch for so that you can avoid a trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accident indoors.

Bill urges move toward joint custody standard

For most New Jersey parents, determining how to divide parenting privileges and responsibilities is a top priority during a divorce. Each family has a unique set of needs when it comes to child custody matters, and courts approach each case on an individual basis. In many states, however, there is a push toward legislation that would require courts to consider shared or joint custody as the starting point for all matters.

Those who support such an approach believe that beginning from a point of shared custody gives both parents equal footing under the law. They point out that in many outcomes, fathers are relegated to a role of an occasional visitor and has little input into the daily lives of his children after a divorce. They believe that children are best served when they spend a significant amount of time with both parents.