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A strong relationship with children can protect custody rights

Few New Jersey parents spend a great deal of time thinking about their custody rights until they are faced with a divorce. At that point, there is little that can be done to strengthen their child custody position. In order to achieve a favorable outcome, it is necessary to take a proactive approach, even before there is any hint of marital instability. Fortunately, being proactive involves the same steps that one uses in promoting a strong relationship with children even when there is not a risk of divorce.

Same-sex parents still face various child custody challenges

When the U.S. Supreme Court made its landmark ruling on same-sex marriage in 2015, many people felt that the time was finally right to create the families that they had anticipated for many years. In New Jersey and across the nation, couples took their vows, and many went on to add to their families through adoption or artificial insemination. Unfortunately, many of those families have not been afforded the same rights as heterosexual families, and continue to struggle with child custody matters that are directly tied to their status as same-sex partners.

Research shows benefits from strong relationship with children

When a New Jersey family goes through a divorce, things can be tumultuous for a period of time. Parents can have an especially challenging time as they move through the process of negotiating a child custody structure. No loving parent wants to lose time with his or her child, and that concern often forms the basis of contention between parents. A growing body of research supports the idea that shared custody is the best way to preserve a strong parental relationship with children. That outcome is good for kids, and is also beneficial to both parents.

Parental alienation and Alex Jones' child custody dispute

Many New Jersey residents have heard the term "parental alienation," but are uncertain of exactly what it means. Fewer are familiar with the name Alex Jones, and the conspiracy theory website InfoWars that he created and maintains. Jones has made headlines after losing a child custody dispute, and parental alienation may be a primary factor that led to the decision to place his three children back into the care of their mother.

Child custody dispute centered on YouTube videos

Love it or hate it, YouTube has become a deeply ingrained part of American pop culture. In fact, some people in New Jersey and elsewhere are making a very good living by posting content on the site. It is important to understand that sharing video footage of one's personal life with the world can have a number of unintended consequences, as one couple discovered when they were faced with a child custody dispute over footage involving their children.

Child custody dispute centers on molestation allegations

Parents who are faced with a custody challenge from the state are often plunged into an immediate sense of panic. While many of these cases stem from a genuine concern for the well-being of children, not all of them are based on actual facts. There are instances in New Jersey and across the nation in which state agencies remove children from fit and healthy homes, and where the parents are placed in the terrible position of having to fight to defend their parental rights. An example is found in a child custody dispute that centers on multiple allegations of molestation.

After TV talk show, father seeks child custody modification

Some New Jersey residents may have seen an episode of Dr. Phil in which a young teenager displayed an incredibly rude attitude. Clips from the show have been made into numerous memes, music videos and other online products. Now, the girl's father has taken issue with her sudden notoriety, and is asking the court for a child custody modification that would permit him to have more decision-making authority in the his daughter's life.

Emotions run high in this controversial child custody battle

People who open their hearts and homes to a child in need are nothing short of amazing. Without such acts of love, many more children would be left in foster care or institutional housing, in New Jersey and across the nation. In many cases, the road to adoption begins in foster care. That was the case for one family that is now faced with a difficult child custody battle over their adopted daughter.

Addressing timing issues during a New Jersey divorce

As with so many things, the process of ending a marriage can be greatly impacted by timing. New Jersey parents who are planning to divorce have a number of important decisions to make when it comes to timing. Not the least of those decisions involves when and how to sit down with the kids and discuss the changes that are on the horizon.

Couple gives up child custody rights in controversial case

Any New Jersey parent can understand the emotional turmoil that would follow the death of a child, even when they have not had that experience firsthand. For one couple, the loss of their 2-year-old daughter has been followed by criminal charges and the threat of losing access to their other six children. As the couple prepares to defend the parenting choices they made based on their religious beliefs, they have ceded child custody of their six surviving children to protective services.