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Bouncing back financially after a New Jersey divorce

For many New Jersey spouses, concerns about finances are a primary source of stress during the end of a marriage. It is difficult to predict the future, and hard to know how easy it will be to make ends meet once the divorce has been made final. Planning is key, but it is also necessary to have a plan for the unforeseeable. That means being ready to make serious financial changes to create a foundation for future stability.

Things to think about prior to filing for divorce

Many New Jersey residents can recall reading or hearing about celebrity marriages that ended but where the spouses later decided to remarry. It is important to understand that this is not only an issue that affects celebrities; regular people often remarry a spouse whom they previously divorced. When considering divorce, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of that important decision.

Can Donald Trump be blamed for causing couples to divorce?

It is impossible to turn on any new channel and not be bombarded with commentary on the early days of the Trump administration. Whether one loves or hates the new president, he has certainly made politics interesting. For some New Jersey couples, a failure to agree on whether Trump should be lauded or lambasted could lead to contention. In fact, researchers believe that serious political disagreements could lead some couples to seek a divorce.

Separation or divorce: Tips for older spouses

When New Jersey couples encounter marital difficulties, one option is to enter into a marital separation. Taking some time off can help spouses refocus on their individual priorities and shared goals, and many couples end up reconnecting and going on to have long and happy marriages. For those who do not end up going the distance, however, a separation can complicate the eventual divorce proceedings.

After a divorce, aim for a healthy balance of new and old credit

Many New Jersey spouses emerge from the end of a marriage somewhat stunned, and feeling emotionally exhausted. It can be hard to remember that this is a time of renewal, when an individual has the chance to chart a new course for the rest of his or her life. Gaining financial stability is an important part of that process, and should be a primary post-divorce plan. Attaining the right balance of credit is a great place to begin.

Consider estate planning needs at the end of a marriage

For many New Jersey residents, bringing a marriage to a close is an onerous process, one that is filled with a seemingly endless list of to-do items. One important need that is often overlooked at the end of a marriage is the need to make changes to one's estate planning documents. This is especially true in regard to life insurance, which falls outside of the provisions laid out in one's will.

4 things to consider when divorce affects a family business

Running a business is stressful. Getting a divorce is just as stressful. When your business is in the middle of a divorce, the situation can turn dire. You should make sure that you prepare for what is going to happen if you are dealing with a business involved in a divorce.

Can an inheritance be protected from property division?

For those New Jersey residents who are fortunate enough to receive an inheritance, the experience can be life-changing. When a loved one leaves behind a financial gift or a piece of real estate, having that base of wealth can help build a strong financial foundation for the recipient. It is important to protect that inheritance, and to ensure that the assets are used in the manner that was intended. For recipients who are married or planning to marry, that means protecting the inheritance from loss during property division.

How to avoid the need for post-divorce modifications

Many New Jersey residents are aware that there is a possibility of addressing divorce "mistakes" once a divorce has been made final. However, post-divorce modifications are often more complicated than many people think. In addition, it is difficult to guarantee that a request for modification will result in the desired outcome. A far better approach is to take a proactive stance in the matter.