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Whose fault is it? What you should know about premises liability

Imagine strolling into your favorite clothing store to do some light shopping. As you walk down the main aisle, you stumble and fall and hit your head on a display case on the way down. You then spend the next 24 hours under observation in the hospital due to the concussion you suffered.

What to know about proving a slip and fall claim

The weather has been terrible lately with rain and freezing temperatures. It was no wonder that you slipped and fell while you were walking into the supermarket yesterday. Unfortunately, you broke your wrist and cracked your tailbone. While these are not life threatening injuries, they are still costing you work wages and medical bills.

Duties a property owner may owe a trespasser

When you are at someone's home or on property owned by someone else, that property owner may owe you a measure of safety. It all depends on who you are, how you know the owner, the reason you are there, if you had the ability to use caution and whether or not it's a public policy concern.

Premises liability suit follows alleged sexual assault

When an individual is present at a residence, place of business or institution n New Jersey or elsewhere, the owners and management has the responsibility of ensuring a reasonable level of safety to that visitor, resident or guest. Premises liability is the category of law created to address cases in which that standard of safety was not met, and where injury or other damages were caused as a result. Premises liability can be construed in a number of ways, some of which are far removed from the slip-and-fall example that most people are familiar with.

Premises liability claim follows shooting incident in tavern

New Jersey owners of commercial establishments -- such as restaurants, taverns and nightclubs -- are required to appropriately protect those who are legally on their premises. They should ensure proper security inside and outside their establishment. Failure to provide safe surroundings may lead to patrons suffering personal injury that could result in the property owner facing premises liability claims.

Will speedway and driving school face premises liability claims?

Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey is where a company called Green Flag Driving Experience teaches people how to drive three-quarter midget race cars. As such, the speedway and the instruction company are responsible for the safety of the students. When an accident occurs involving someone who is not a professional race car driver, they (or their surviving family after a fatal accident) may be entitled to file a premises liability claim against the parties deemed responsible.

Owner of a motel could face premises liability suits after fire

No matter how safety-conscious a motel property owner is, accidents may still occur. Guests should feel secure in knowing that the establishment is safe. Recently, a motel on the New Jersey shoreline caught on fire shortly after 5:30 am. What happened after that could lead to premises liability suits against the motel owner.

NJ ice rink could face premises liability claim after gas leak

In New Jersey, an ice rink in Hamilton had to evacuate their premises on Saturday, Oct. 26. A premises liability claim could be brought against the owners of the ice rink. Officials reported that high levels of carbon monoxide leaked into the skating rink, causing the evacuation. Firefighters were called to the ice rink at 10:30 a.m., after several children appeared to become ill.