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Morris County Complex Asset Division Lawyers

Property division is a key issue in any divorce and can have a significant impact on your financial security. The best way to ensure the protection of your rights is to retain highly qualified legal counsel.

You can find the experienced and knowledgeable representation you require at Heymann & Fletcher. We have experience in cases involving complex property division issues, including:

  • Valuation and division of real estate or a business
  • Cash flow determinations
  • Division of retirement accounts
  • Division of investment accounts
  • Valuation of the marital home

Members of our firm have been representing clients in divorce and family law matters for more than 30 years. We have the experience and legal sophistication to assist clients in high-asset dissolution, but we also serve clients of more moderate means in cases involving complex property division issues.

When helpful, our divorce lawyers work with professionals who assist with complex financial issues, including tax issues, real estate appraisals and business valuations. To schedule a free consultation with a divorce attorney at our firm, contact our law office in Randolph, New Jersey.

Property Division In New Jersey

New Jersey is an equitable division state, meaning that marital assets and debts are divided equitably between spouses. Property acquired during a marriage is typically classified as marital property, with very few exceptions. Nonmarital property is property acquired by a spouse prior to a marriage and limited property acquired during a marriage, including property acquired by gift or inheritance.

There are numerous statutory factors that courts must consider when determining how to equitably divide marital property. Given the discretion of courts to fashion orders that equitably distribute marital property, it is critical that you have an attorney who can skillfully negotiate a favorable agreement on your behalf or make a compelling case on your behalf at trial. As a client of Heymann & Fletcher, you can be certain that you will have a strong advocate on your side.

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