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Keegan-Michael Key's spousal support agreement made public

Many people in New Jersey might venture to guess that two decades of marriage would mean that a couple has a chance to make it a lifetime together. Unfortunately, some couples grow apart over the years, despite the appearance of longevity. Keegan-Michael Key and his wife are one of the recent celebrity couples to go their separate ways. The couple recently officially ended their 20 years of marriage after a family law court approved their spousal support agreement. 

The couple apparently reached an agreed settlement for their divorce earlier this year, but the court had not approved it until this month. Prior to the approval, records of the agreement were private. Keegan-Michael Key's wife, Cynthia Blaise, will reportedly receive $34,000 a month in alimony.

Tennis star's career impacted by difficult child custody dispute

Many first time New Jersey parents often do not realize the strain a newborn can introduce into a relationship. Lack of sleep, changing hormones, different parenting styles and lack of intimacy as a new family adjusts can be difficult for some couples in what is usually anticipated to be a happy situation. When couples decide that it is best to separate, difficult decisions have to be made, including child custody. Less than a year after the birth of her first child, a professional tennis player is having to make some difficult choices about the care of her child.

Victoria Azarenka is a 28-year-old tennis player currently ranked 208th in the world. Apparently, her pregnancy, maternity leave and the tournaments she has had to miss as she addresses issues concerning the custody of her child have all impacted her ranking. She was in a relationship with Billy McKegue, and she gave birth to their son a little less than a year ago.

4 tips to help you talk to your kids about shared custody

Divorce can be especially hard on children. In many cases, they may think that it is their fault that their parents are splitting up. Also, the constant shuffle back and forth between one parent's home and another can be extremely stressful. While coming to the decision to divorce is never easy, you may view the task of talking to your kids about shared custody to be even more difficult.

Unless there are certain circumstances that make one parent unfit, such as abuse, courts tend to favor joint, or shared, custody. The reason for this is that various studies support the notion that children in a shared custody situation often do better than those in a sole custody arrangement.

Divorce on the horizon for Tamar Braxton and husband

Many New Jersey residents likely watched the 2017 BET Soul Train awards that took place in Las Vegas. As viewers listened to 40-year-old Tamar Braxton perform on the show, they may not have known her heartache. She has recently filed for divorce from her husband, Vince Herbert.  

Tamar Braxton and her husband have been married for nine years and have a minor child together. Apparently, they both star in a reality television show revolving around their marriage called "Tamar and Vince." Their fifth and likely last season will soon premiere.

Jeremy Meeks' wife seeks unspecified child support and alimony

Most people in New Jersey enter into a marriage with the hope and promise of a life-long future and partnership with another person. Sadly, many marriages do not survive a lifetime. One celebrity in another state has begun the battle to separate, and court hearings will be scheduled to determine child support and alimony.

The 33-year-old husband, Jeremy Meeks, became famous after a 2014 arrest. His mug shot was widely shared and discussed on the internet, ultimately resulting in a modeling contract. Prior to his arrest he was married and shared a child with Melissa Meeks. Reportedly, Melissa supported him during his prison term that lasted more than two years.

Child custody: Custody hearing for Tyrese Gibson's daugther

When relationships end and children are involved, most parents in New Jersey would hope that peaceful co-parenting can occur. When parents are not able to set aside differences regarding the best interests of the child, following a separation, legal intervention is most often needed. Famous actor Tyrese Gibson is in a heated child custody dispute that is complicated by child abuse accusations by his 10-year-old daughter.

The "Fate of the Furious" actor is accused by his ex-wife of repeatedly beating his daughter. She claims the multiple blows he allegedly gave to his daughter prevented her from being able to sit for some time. Currently, he has a temporary restraining order to stay away from his daughter, and his state's Department of Children and Family Services has an open investigation against him.

Divorce reports for Hollywood couple

Celebrity relationships and marriages often appear to be a fairytale until they end. Just like the end of any marriage in New Jersey, a celebrity's divorce can be painful, humiliating and bitter. Unfortunately for celebrities, all of their marital secrets are splashed in the media for anyone to read. Georgina Chapman has recently announced her separation and plans for divorce from her husband, Harvey Weinstein, after multiple women have accused him of sexual assault.

Georgina Chapman, who is now 41 years old, began a relationship with her 65-year-old husband more than 10 years ago, after he helped her start her fashion design business. Not only did he support her business financially, but he used his Hollywood connections to encourage the growth of her fashion line. She owns and operates the fashion line Marchesa, which is reportedly suffering due to the allegations against her husband. More than 40 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct in the last couple of weeks.

High asset divorce and dissipation of marital wealth

Untangling marital assets is one of the most difficult parts of ending a New Jersey marriage. For spouses preparing for a high asset divorce, the process can be even more challenging.  Spouses who share a diverse mix of assets must take precautions to ensure that dissipation of marital wealth is not an issue in their divorce case.

Dissipation of marital wealth is a process through which one spouse intentionally acts to reduce the amount of marital assets available for division in divorce. Dissipation can take a number of different forms, some of which are more common than others. For example, many people have experienced or know someone else who is going through a scenario in which one spouse spends marital funds to support an affair with an outside party.

Breaking divorce news to your children

Your children are accustomed to living with both of their parents. They feel stable in having you both there because that is the only arrangement they've ever known. If you and your husband decide that the marriage is over, one of the most difficult first steps may be breaking the news to the kids.

Of course, you want to address the matter in a loving, age-appropriate way. With that in mind, here are some things to consider:

Understanding how divorce will impact taxes

For most New Jersey residents who are going through the end of a marriage, their upcoming tax return is the last thing on their minds. It is important, however, to think about the impact that a divorce will have on one's tax obligation in the years to follow. That understanding can help both spouses to plan for their financial futures. 

One of the most basic changes is in each party's tax filing status. In the eyes of the IRS, a person is considered to be unmarried for the entirety of the year in which their divorce is made final. That means that each party will have to file as "single" or "head of household," depending on whether their children are living in their home.