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Planning for your child's future during your divorce

With the end of a marriage comes various financial issues that the two parties must address, issues pertaining to both immediate financial needs and those for the future. One thing New Jersey parents would be wise to address in detail during their divorce is the need for college tuition for their kids. Taking care of that potentially complex issue now can reduce the chance of continued problems long-term.

The end of a marriage will affect many aspects of long-term financial planning, including the future financial needs of the children. It is useful for both parents to include in their final divorce order an agreement regarding the specific contributions of each party for projected education needs. In addition to tuition, a couple can decide how to pay for everything from the cost of books to the cost of room and board.

Some couples attribute student loan debt as factor in divorce

There has been a lot of discussion about the increase in student debt over the last couple of decades. In order to achieve a post-secondary degree, many individuals take on thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Unfortunately, the debt can become a burden for many, including married couples. New Jersey married couples may be interested in the financial stress that can occur because of student loan debt and the role it can have in a couple's divorce.

According to recent data, the national student loan debt has accumulated to be around $1.5 trillion. In addition, more individuals are taking on more than $50,000 in student loan debt than ever before. Reportedly, the average student loan debt per person is now $34,144, which is a 62 percent increase in the last ten years.

Was a premises responsible for your fall on stairs?

When you are in a public space, such as a shopping mall, restaurant or even your own apartment building, you do not expect to become injured due to a hazard that presented a danger. In general, it is a premises' responsibility to ensure that guests are kept reasonably safe at all times. When a guest does become injured, it is likely that he or she will be subject to high medical bills and may need to take time off work in order to recover, losing wages as a result.

If you have fallen down the stairs in a public premises in the state of New Jersey and you are unsure of whether the premises itself is to blame, it is important that you understand how the law works in this regard.

Why are children's best interests so important in child custody?

Divorcing parents are often told to stay focused on one thing -- the best interests of their children. Those interests help shape the foundation of child custody agreements. However, New Jersey parents are often expected to immediately understand what those interests are, and they rarely receive guidance on the matter. This can lead to custody agreements that are not necessarily beneficial to the child. 

So what does a custody agreement that respects the child's best interests look like? Ideally, the agreement would reflect the best possible approach to fostering the child's happiness. In most cases, this includes maintaining close relationships with both parents, although this is not always the case. 

Exlaining a divorce to children is often diffuclt

When a couple is headed for separation, the people around them are often aware that problems may exist. Because of the close proximity, the children are often not ignorant of issues that may exist between parents. Many New Jersey couples may find that explaining a divorce to children and the reasons behind it one of the most difficult parts of the marriage ending.

It is natural for children to be curious about why their parents have chosen to separate, and it is recommended that parents be prepared for the hard conversations. When children ask questions, it is recommended to stop and think before explaining. There is often serious hurt and emotion, and it is considered in a child's best interest to try to refrain from involving them in the hurt and pain. Sometimes, parents find first asking their children questions about what they do understand about the circumstances the best way to begin the conversation.  Once a child is able to explain his or her understanding, parents can simply correct any misunderstandings that may exist.

Family law: Father may be arrested in custody case

Sadly, children are stuck in the middle of parental disagreements and differing points of views. When parents or grandparents cannot agree on the best way to handle sharing custody of a child or children, skilled New Jersey family law attorneys are often asked to offer advice on legal intervention. Sadly, one 4-year-old little boy is caught between custody disagreements of his mother and father, and it may lead to his father's arrest.

According to court records, the 31-year-old mother has not seen her son in a year. It all began when her former boyfriend was granted custody of their son. Prior to the father being granted custody, the mother pleaded guilty to meth drug charges, and she was given 30 months of probation as a result. After being granted with custody, the father took his son to live in another state. The mother and her attorney began making legal court requests for the father to return with the son in order for the mother to be allowed to see him.

A divorce in 2019 may be impacted by the Tax Cuts and Job Act

There are numerous things to consider when ending a marriage. For any New Jersey resident that has not had experience with a divorce, he or she may not be aware of all the complexities to consider. In addition, laws change, occasionally altering the process. In fact, the recent Tax Cuts and Job Act recently affected many aspects of the process and will affect many divorces in 2019.

Family law attorneys will explain the different legal processes of divorce to individuals. There are three general types: mediation, collaborative law and litigation. Typically mediation is less expensive and can be a quicker process, and litigation is typically the longest process and the most expensive.  Every couple has different needs and different abilities to discuss necessary items with the other party, which often determines the final cost and timeframe.

Mediation could speed up getting a divorce in New Jersey

Chances are good that if you're considering divorce, you and your spouse can't agree on a lot of things right now. After all, if everything was going well, divorce wouldn't likely be part of your immediate future. You may think that if you and your spouse can't agree on terms, the only solution is battling it out in court.

However, there may be a workable alternative available to you. If you and your spouse can at least agree to work toward a compromise, divorce mediation may allow you to seek a faster and more affordable end to your marriage.

Financial conflict a common reason for divorce

Many people wonder why some marriages work out while others do not. While there are usually multiple reasons behind a divorce, money issues seem to be a common theme. Here are a few of the money issues New Jersey couples may face that could lead to an ended marriage.

Money problems don't just have to do with how much is in the bank account. It can also relate to how much each party knows about assets and finances. Often, one partner will take charge of the finances while the other will be in the dark. This can not only cause a rift in a marriage but can make a divorce much harder since there is more to be uncovered and negotiated.

Domestic violence: Family law attorneys can help victims

Trying to escape an abusive relationship is often difficult. Not only are victims typically controlled by another spouse emotionally, physically and/or financially, the legal system is not always in a victim's favor. Anyone who is the victim of domestic violence will likely need the assistance of a New Jersey attorney to guide them through best approach to safely leave an abusive relationship.

One attorney in another state recently discussed many of the obstacles that abused victims often face when wanting to leave a spouse. Unfortunately, many laws created by well-meaning legislators can make the process cumbersome and long, especially when children are involved. When an abused spouse shares children with an abuser, there is often an additional emotional hurdle to overcome. It is difficult for many parents to knowingly separate their children from the other parent. Although the system can be tough, many family law attorneys have experience handling difficult and sensitive divorce cases involving domestic abuse.

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