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Housewife Shannon Beador processing divorce

Anytime a marriage ends as a result of betrayal, there is sure to be hurt, anger and pain for one or both parties. Unfortunately to end a marriage, both parties have decisions to make together regarding finances, property and the custody of any shared children. Because conversations can be unpleasant when making decisions related to a divorce, New Jersey family law attorneys can assist in all necessary proceedings. Shannon Beador is sadly going through the difficult process herself after her husband admitted to an affair.

The couple is known for the wife's participation in the television show "The Real Housewives of Orange County." The couple is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings and negotiations. Apparently, her husband, David, confessed to an affair with a family friend. Reportedly, the family friend was also married during the affair.

Rapper Nas finalizes child custody agreement with Kelis

It is not uncommon for New Jersey parents to disagree about the care and custody of any shared children. If couples who have divorced were on amicable terms, many marriages would not end. Sadly, child custody decisions become a source of contention well past the day the divorce was finalized. The rapper, Nas, and singer-songwriter Kelis recently made a divorce agreement that reportedly took them years to settle.

The couple was married for four years and have been divorced for seven. According to Nas, it has been a struggle to spend time with his son. He has accused Kelis of only allowing him time when it worked in her schedule. Apparently, she was also very protective of the health and nutrition of her son.

Could bird's nest parenting work for you?

One parenting trend for divorced couples with minor children is called "bird-nesting." The name is a reference to the male and female birds of some species that collaborate to create nests and tend to their young.

What that translates to for the human species is a child-centric system of parenting that seeks to avoid the endless shuffle of children between their divorced parents' homes. Instead of weekly tussles over the soccer shorts left at Dad's or the spelling book in the back of Mom's minivan, the children — and their accouterments — remain in the same home while their parents split time there with them.

Audrina Patridge had restraining order against husband

Destination weddings can give the beginning of any marriage the appearance of a fairy tale, but the reality is most marriages are not fairy tales. Some New Jersey marriages quickly become nightmares and spiral out of control. Fortunately, a family court can intervene between a couple who cannot make amends or come to an agreement on the care and custody of their children. Adriana Partridge has filed for divorce from her husband and was granted a temporary restraining order against him following an alleged domestic violence incident.

Adriana Partridge and her on-again, off-again boyfriend had a fairy tale wedding in Hawaii, but it appears that's where the romance ended. The details of the incident have not been made public, but Patridge accused her husband of domestic violence and filed for divorce. The couple shares an 18-month-old daughter, for whom Patridge also secured a child abduction prevention order against Bohan.

Actor agrees to pay $22,440 a month in child support

As evidenced by the details shared of celebrity couple divorce agreements, there are many things to factor when ending a marriage. Although some New Jersey couples will not have as large of child support and spousal support agreements to sort out, their agreements are as equally important. Kevin McKidd and his now-former wife have recently finalized their divorce and reached child support agreements.

The "Grey's Anatomy" actor shares two teenage children with his now former wife. Kevin McKidd and his former wife's youngest child is 15 years old. Per the terms of their divorce, the couple decided to establish a nesting agreement along with their shared custody. Their children will remain in their Malibu home, and each parent will reside with their children there during their allotted times. McKidd and his former spouse will have their own residence when they are not with their children.

Property division likely being discussed prior to divorce filing

Many people in New Jersey have likely become aware of the multiple scandals and accusations against Harvey Weinstein in recent months. Media sources have been closely following his wife's reaction and plans after she announced her intention to separate from the movie producer. Considering their wealth, property ownership and business, it is expected their property division may be difficult.

After multiple assault accusations were made against Harvey Weinstein by many women, Georgina Chapman announced that she had plans to divorce. Although Chapman has been successful with her own clothing design company, Marchesa, Weinstein's wealth is significantly more. It is estimated that Weinstein may be worth as much as $300 million and Chapman only $20 million.

Supply drives support domestic violence nonprofit organizations

Nonprofits throughout the country provide needed services, finances or goods that are otherwise not available to those in need. Although government agencies offer many different avenues of assistance to residents of the United States, it cannot provide every need for everyone. Nonprofits could not benefit those in need without the donations made by others around them. As part of an annual program, New Jersey Allstate Insurance branches are participating in a supply drive to benefit domestic violence organizations within their area.

The drive specifically supports the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence and any non-profit associated with it. The drive specifically is requesting donations of coats, hats, gloves, scarves and other items to support the nonprofit groups. Allstate branches in other nearby states are choosing to support the supply drive as well.

Liability and reasonableness: Important for slip-and-fall claims

Imagine shopping in your favorite retail store in Randolph. You have everything you need, so you start to make your way to the check. As you walk down the main aisle, you hit a wet spot and slip. You land hard and break your wrist. In addition, you felt something pop in your back. Now, you are facing some expensive medical bills and you will have to miss work, resulting in lost wages.

What you experienced is a slip-and-fall accident. In general, property owners, or their business tenants, owe a duty of care to invited guests and customers who visit the premises. If there was no warning that the area you slipped in was dangerous and the owner either did know or should have known about it, then you might have a premises liability claim. Sometimes, it is difficult to prove this type of claim, but here are some tips that can help.

Naya Rivera files for divorce and requests joint custody

When most New Jersey couples begin a family, they envision a long, happy life-long experience together. Most do not imagine or desire to put their children through a separation or divorce, but many relationships do come to an end. The "Glee" television show star, Naya Rivera, recently filed for divorce from her husband and is requesting joint custody of their son.

Naya and her husband, Ryan Dorsey, have been married approximately three years and have a 2-year-old son together. The recent divorce filing is not their first indication of marital issues. A little over a year ago, Naya filed for divorce but quickly retracted it. Most recently, Dorsey called the police, claiming that Naya was out of control and that she also had allegedly struck him in front of their son. Police have not indicated if intoxication was a factor in the domestic dispute. 

Child custody and support being determined re Offset's son

In New Jersey and elsewhere, raising children is expensive. Children not only require food and shelter, but their fast growth usually requires frequent clothing, shoe school, medical and activity expenses. Single parents may find it difficult to finance a child's needs on their own. Many parents find the family law courts helpful to sort out child support payments and child custody agreements with their child's other parent. The rapper, Offset, has recently been sued for additional child support for his 7-year-old child.

A woman recently filed for more consistent child support from Offset for a child she alleges she shares with him. Apparently, no DNA test has ever been performed to prove paternity, but Offset has not denied his paternity of the child. The woman claims that Offset has occasionally offered financial support, but she is currently requesting health insurance, retroactive child support payments and $15,000 in lawyer's fees.