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Child support enforcement sweep takes state by storm

The state of New Jersey takes child support orders very seriously, recognizing that it is important for children in the Garden State to have access to the financial support to which they are entitled by law. Though often overlooked when people think of serious crime, non-payment of child support is a serious offense. A recent effort by police focuses on child support enforcement.

Though police are always looking for parents who willfully refuse to keep current on payments, they have established an annual sweep, headed by a special task force. This group of officers spends a few days trying to track down parents who have warrants for non-payment. If convicted, a parent can face fines, jail time and other serious consequences. 

It's National Adoption Awareness Month

New Jersey residents may have a lot to look forward to this month. The holiday season is beginning, and many people can hardly wait to spend time with friends and family. In addition to traditional festivities that return each year at this time, people should be made aware that November is also National Adoption Awareness Month. 

It is estimated that, in New Jersey alone, there are well over 10,000 children, ranging in age from infant to teen, who may benefit from adoption. These children are often shuffled between foster homes and run the risk of never having a place to truly call home. Many adoption advocates warn that children who do not have a family to love and care for them may suffer later in life. 

Drug epidemic leaves many grandparents with child custody dilemma

When the children are grown and begin their adult lives, many New Jersey residents look forward to becoming grandparents. Having grandchildren can be a rewarding experience, and families look forward to watching the next generation learn and grow. Unfortunately, the nationwide opioid crisis is leaving some grandparents in a legal predicament. When a parent is struggling with addiction, grandparents may be forced to make a decision regarding child custody.

Often, when a parent is struggling with drug addiction, their home is not a safe place for children. Many parents are stuck in a constant cycle of dangerous drug use, and some even lose their lives as a result. This leaves their children with nowhere to go, and many New Jersey services, such as foster care, are overwhelmed with the number of children in need of a safe home. 

Could you file uncontested paperwork for your New Jersey divorce?

Many people considering divorce think of it as a difficult, embattled process. While many divorces that go through the courts do turn into protracted, pitched battles between former spouses, it does not inherently have to be that way. It is possible for divorcing spouses to reach mutually agreeable terms without fighting tooth and nail in the courts.

Many couples choose to file uncontested divorces in New Jersey, a process which includes agreements between the spouses regarding asset division, child custody and support issues. Instead of letting a judge set the terms, the couples set them and let the courts approve them.

Single parents may struggle with everyday expenses

The state of New Jersey is known to have an above average cost of living, and a recent study has revealed that single parents may have an especially difficult time making ends meet. Even parents that are employed may find themselves struggling with everyday expenses. Food, housing, and childcare costs continue to rise at a rate that is not matched by increases in income. 

The report estimates that a household with children needs more than twice the amount of money to survive, with no savings, as that of a home with no children. Many families that have both parents working cannot manage to keep up with costs of raising children. Single parents have an even more difficult burden placed upon them. 

Celebrities not immune from domestic violence charges

Famed hip hop musician Fabalous has been indicted by a New Jersey court amid serious accusations of abuse. The state takes each accusation of domestic violence seriously, and celebrity status is not taken into consideration in a court of law. Instead, charged are filed based on investigatory findings by law enforcement, just like cases that do not involve a famous person. 

Fabalous, a New Jersey resident, stands accuses of a string of violent crimes against a female victim. The woman is the mother of two of the defendant's children. He is facing up to five years in prison if convicted. 

Vigil calls awareness to domestic violence

As many New Jersey residents are aware, communities across the nation are trying to put a stop to violent crimes. Domestic violence remains a chief concern among law enforcement and community outreach programs. This crime covers a broad range of scenarios, and many people may not know they are a victim until the situation worsens and it is too late. 

Recently, a candlelight vigil was held to call awareness to domestic violence. The vigil aims to educate New Jersey residents, as well as show solidarity for victims. The people responsible for planning the vigil have provided information to help people know what to do if they suspect a friend, loved one or, perhaps, themselves may be a victim. 

Reality star Jenny Farley files for divorce

After watching the drama surrounding the castmates of the popular TV series, "Jersey Shore," fans may be surprised to learn that one of the show's favorite couples is entering divorce proceedings. Though viewers are used to seeing the stars of the show face legal issues, relationship drama and other real-world hardships, many did not anticipate that one of the show's favorite couples was facing marital troubles. Reports have recently surfaced that New Jersey resident and reality star Jenny Farley filed for divorce from her husband of three years. 

Sources close to the couple, as well as the couple themselves, state that nothing dramatic, such as an accusation of infidelity, led to the split. It seems that Jenny has cited irreconcilable differences and feels that it would be best for the couple, as well as their children, if the couple were to go their separate ways. The pair married in 2015, and have two children. 

Brain-eating amoeba kills New Jersey man

Surfers live for the perfect wave cresting beneath them. But one surfer from New Jersey is now dead from exposure to a "brain-eating amoeba" he encountered in Waco, Texas, at a resort.

The 29-year-old surfer spent time at the BSR Cable Park's Surf Resort in a landlocked region in Central Texas last month. At some point during his stay, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believe he was exposed to the deadly Naegleria fowleri amoeba. He passed away on Sept. 21.

Judge loses job amid child custody dispute

New Jersey residents may be under the common misconception that having a friend in the judicial system can give a party an unfair advantage in court. The state has recently proven that this is not the case. A news story has captured the front page, telling the story of a judge that misused her power to interfere in a child custody dispute

A New Jersey judge allegedly lied about having a personal relationship with a woman that used to be an intern for the court. The judge attempted to act in a way that is against the law. According to reports, she helped the intern falsify documents, then removed the woman's child from the grandmother's residence, even though custody had previously been awarded to the grandparents. 

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