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Rising and deadly in-home accident: Kids hit by falling TVs

In what are alarming figures for families in New Jersey and across The United States, six young children have been killed by falling TVs since Jan. 2012. Between 1990 and 2011, the number of children who have died from injuries resulting from falling TVs is 215. Families should remain aware of the potentially deadly results of this growing in-home accident.

Figures compiled from hospital emergency-room records show that more than 12,000 children suffered non-fatal injuries from falling TVs in The United States during 2011. This is more than twice the number recorded for the same type of injury in 1990. Younger children are suffering the majority of the injuries with concussions and other head and neck injuries being the most common.

Home safety experts are saying that an increased awareness is needed regarding the potentially deadly injuries. The greatest risk comes from placing the older and heavier TV models on top of furniture that small children may attempt to climb on. In many recorded cases, a small child had opened the drawers of a dresser in order to climb up to reach the TV, and by doing so toppled everything over.

In advice that should be well-heeded by families in New Jersey as well as elsewhere, The Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging parents to anchor furniture and TVs to the wall or floor with brackets or other restraints. A child suffering an injury through an accident in someone's home can cause not only long-term physical recovery issues, but emotional trauma also. If a child's injury was due to either an unsafe condition or negligence on the part of a homeowner, the family can pursue a premises liability civil suit in order to seek compensation for the child's medical care and related expenses

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