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New Jersey child injured in accident at amusement park.

There are few places that children are more excited to be taken by their families than an amusement park. They allow parents a temporary escape from reality and a chance to strengthen the bond with their children. There are dangers that exist at all public places and parents must remain as vigilant as possible. Recently, a four-year-old girl was injured in an accident on a ride at an amusement park in New Jersey.

It was reported that the young girl was standing very close to one of the rides when it started to operate. She suffered a leg injury and was transported to the hospital. Patient privacy laws prevented the identity of the girl, and the seriousness of her injuries from being released. The ride itself involved an oval track with cars that move around it at a low speed. This type of ride is a common children's attraction at most amusement parks.

An investigation followed, and it was concluded that the injury was caused by operator error. The ride was inspected and tested and was found to have no mechanical problems. The operator of the ride at the time of the accident has been terminated.

Unfortunately, there is always the chance of a child suffering an injury while they're on someone else's property. There are many public places where children are at a relatively high risk of accidents that could result in serious injuries. New Jersey families can purse a premises liability civil suit if the child's injury was due to negligence or an unsafe condition brought about or known by the property owner. Compensation can be awarded to help offset the medical and other related expenses that were a consequence of the accident.

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