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New Jersey concussions: accident may have permanent affects

A new study has revealed that children who have suffered a concussion may take longer than most people realized to recover. The majority of the causes of concussions in children stems from a sport-related accident. New Jersey has been the first state to ensure that children are given the extra time and consideration they need when they are trying to heal from this type of injury.

The newest study has shown that a child who has received a head injury may often experience struggles in the school room as well as physical symptoms. The brain in a younger child takes longer to heal from a head injury and the damage that results from a concussion can have permanent side effects. Studies have shown that classroom success can be more difficult for a child who is trying to return to the classroom before their brain is ready to handle it.

Researchers have also reported that the younger the child, the more damage the brain can suffer when there is a head injury. A victim in their teen years can have more serious memory problems than an adult who suffers a similar accident. To compound the issue, almost the majority of head injured patients are children in their early teen years. The law that New Jersey enacted a few years ago is the first one of its kind that addresses helping a child have a successful return to academic life as well as sporting activities.

If doctors and teachers are able to work with parents to make the required adjustments that an injured child needs, then in the end, the patient is more likely to have a successful outcome after a concussion. New Jersey laws exist to protect the lives of its citizens, especially when an accident has resulted in harm to a child. If a family believes that an injury may have been the result of another party's negligence or malice, then they have the right to pursue justice and possible compensation by filing a personal injury suit in response to any harm that may have been suffered by their loved one.

Source: tri.gmnews.com, Children who experienced concussions may need more time to heal before returning to school, Nirav K. Shah, Nov. 7, 2013

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