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New Jersey ambulance involved in car accident; 5 injured

In every city across New Jersey, emergency vehicles have the right-of-way. At intersections, drivers are required to pull to the right or stop to let firetrucks, police cruisers and ambulances pass safely. However, not everyone abides by these laws and could possibly cause a car accident because of it.

New Jersey auto accident involves motorcycle, causes fatality

Riding a motorcycle can bring enjoyment to individuals for a number of reasons. However, that enjoyment also comes with certain risks as motorcyclists are more likely to be seriously injured if they are in an auto accident due to the lack of protection that other vehicles can offer. What may have been a minor accident between two larger vehicles could be a fatal accident when a motorcycle is involved.

Serious injuries and death possible due to failure of test strips

New Jersey patients using an Alere device for home anticoagulant monitoring were recently asked to check the testing strips they use. The company's INRatio2 PT/INR (PN 99008G2) testing strips are not giving proper readings. This could result in serious injuries or even death to those taking blood thinning medications, either orally (warfarin) or by injection (heparin).

New Jersey car accident still under investigation

Most drivers already know that it becomes more difficult to see potential hazards and dangers after the sun goes down. Driving after dark is especially dangerous because of what might not be readily seen until it is too late. New Jersey drivers know that they must take extra care at night in order to avoid everyday hazards that can cause a car accident.

Driver possibly impaired in car accident that injured officer

It should be no surprise to New Jersey residents that anyone can make a poor life choice by getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. Many times, the effects of alcohol give the person a false sense of control. Unfortunately, that control is an illusion, and drinking and driving can potentially lead to a fatal car accident.

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