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New Jersey man arrested in fatal hit-and- run car accident

Hearing that a loved one was seriously injured or killed in an accident is bad enough. However, when a family is told that the person driving the vehicle that hit him or her left that loved one to die, it can be an even bigger blow. New Jersey residents understand that it can be difficult for a family to achieve any type of closure regarding a car accident if the person responsible has not been found.

Police in New Jersey had been searching for a vehicle believed to be involved in a hit-and-run on July 19. Recently, a man was arrested when he was observed driving a vehicle that fit the description officials had of the one seen fleeing that day. As it turns out, on the day the man was arrested, it was discovered that he should not have been driving as he was driving with a suspended driver's license.

Not many details of the incident are known. The van hit the victim on North 27th Street in Camden. The 39-year-old man survived the hit only to succumb to his injuries three days after the accident.

Now that the party believed responsible is in custody, the family may be able to find some peace of mind. In addition, they may file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the van seeking damages incurred as a result of this fatal car accident. If successful, the family could be awarded financial restitution to alleviate the burden of the medical bills, funeral and burial costs and other damages.

Source: njherald.com, "Camden man charged in fatal hit-and-run accident", , July 26, 2014

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