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1 dead and 1 injured in New Jersey car accident

Most drivers know that the cause of a crash is rarely ever determined by just the available evidence from the scene.  There may not be enough witness statements or physical evidence to give an accurate picture of the events to determine the cause and who may be deemed at fault.  A car accident could involve other factors that require testing or other means of determining what went wrong.

3-car accident in New Jersey leaves 1 person dead

People's lives can be forever altered in a matter of seconds.  This is especially true if someone is involved in a serious car accident.  One second, a New Jersey resident can be driving without a care in the world, and in the next moment, things can go terribly wrong.

2 fatally injured in an auto accident in New Jersey

When it comes to weather conditions, New Jersey drivers are aware that it is not just snow and ice that can reduce a vehicle's ability to stay on the road.  Rainy, wet roads also pose a hazard to vehicles, especially if they are speeding.  A driver's failure to respect that a wet road can be dangerous could result in someone being injured in an auto accident.

Limousine bus crashes into car, accident victim dies as a result

Every New Jersey driver owes a duty of care to his or her passengers and everyone else sharing the road. Failing to pay attention to the road or follow established traffic laws can easily lead to a crash. If that happens, it is possible that an accident victim could suffer serious injuries or even death.

5 teens injured in New Jersey car accident

It may be safe to say that no one ever expects to be involved in an accident. Most New Jersey residents are pretty careful to do what they can to avoid a car accident, but sometimes it does still happen. The reasons are not always clear or even known at the beginning of an investigation.

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