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NASCAR driver Kurt Busch suspended for domestic violence

In the last year, numerous sports figures -- particularly NFL players -- made headlines for allegedly committing acts of violence against their domestic partners. Public outcry across the country and here in New Jersey has put a spotlight on how sports organizations handle players who are accused of domestic violence. Recently, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch was indefinitely suspended from driving after an incident involving himself and an ex-girlfriend that occurred in the fall of 2014.

Avoiding a costly New Jersey divorce

The media is full of stories of some celebrities and other wealthy people involved in contentious divorce proceedings. Other stories focus on well-known people  who are able to end their marriages amicably. These stories tend to mirror how divorce proceeds for many New Jersey couples. Contentious divorces can be expensive and take a significant amount of time, but it does not have to be that way. It is possible to avoid spending thousands of dollars to part ways.

Not every child support calculation should follow the guidelines

Nearly every parent in New Jersey understands the need to provide for his or her children emotionally, physically and financially regardless of the status of his or her relationship with the other parent. Whether you are getting a divorce, establishing paternity or modifying an existing child support order, the guidelines outlined in state law may only be a starting point in your circumstances. Numerous factors may warrant a deviation from those guidelines in order to best provide for your children.

Divorce mediation can help shape post-divorce relationships

Television and movies tend to depict divorce as a battle that is fought in a courtroom with the parties constantly arguing with each other. Fortunately, life does not have to imitate art. In fact, ex-spouses can have an amicable, if not friendly, relationship after a divorce. New Jersey couples can turn to divorce mediation for a kinder, gentler end to their marriage that may even help them forge an amicable post-divorce relationship, which could be especially advantageous for couples with children.

Facebook is more and more at the center of family law cases

Nearly everyone in New Jersey has a Facebook account these days. People spend an appreciable amount of their days reading their news feeds, posting statuses and sending messages. As a result, the popular social media site is appearing more often in family law cases, including divorce proceedings.

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