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Avoiding a costly New Jersey divorce

The media is full of stories of some celebrities and other wealthy people involved in contentious divorce proceedings. Other stories focus on well-known people  who are able to end their marriages amicably. These stories tend to mirror how divorce proceeds for many New Jersey couples. Contentious divorces can be expensive and take a significant amount of time, but it does not have to be that way. It is possible to avoid spending thousands of dollars to part ways.

Many people who are involved in courtroom battles are unwilling to compromise. By the time a "winner" is declared, each side has ordinarily spent a great deal of money, which is sometimes more than the value of the item being contested. Had the parties been able to come to some agreement on their own, they might have saved a substantial sum of money.

In many cases, a New Jersey couple does not have the financial resources to endure this type of divorce. A more amicable atmosphere would better serve most people, especially if they have children. Moving the focus away from the past and looking toward the future might help the parties work together. Ultimately, the focus of nearly every divorce proceeding is to create a future for each party.

Negotiating a divorce settlement will not happen overnight. The parties will need to agree that they will work together and be willing to compromise in order to reach a settlement. By the end of the process, each party may feel satisfied that he or she was treated fairly and received an equitable portion of the marital assets with which to begin his or her new life.

Source: Today, "How to get divorced without breaking the bank", Susan Caminiti, Feb. 9, 2015

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