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March 2015 Archives

What happens to pets in a New Jersey divorce?

For many New Jersey residents, their pets are like children. Therefore, when a couple's marriage ends in divorce, who receives "custody" of the family pet becomes a point of contention. The parties soon discover, however, that the courts treat pets as property, which means that the rules of property division -- and not child custody laws -- govern how the court rules.

Child custody is a major concern for New Jersey parents

For most New Jersey parents, their children's future is of the utmost importance. If those parents are not living together, child custody arrangements are nearly always at the forefront of their concerns. Regardless of whether parents are getting a divorce or confronting paternity issues, numerous factors are considered in creating or modifying those arrangements.

Child died 25 years ago, but man is still paying child support

No parent in New Jersey -- or anywhere else for that matter -- should have to outlive his or her child. Even after decades, circumstances can trigger painful memories of that loss. For one out-of-state father, those circumstances include the fact that he claims to still be paying child support for his son who died at just 3 years old.

Even though he is not the father, man owes back child support

Some New Jersey residents may have heard about the out-of-state man who was told that he owes thousands of dollars in back child support even though DNA testing proved that he is not the child's father. Recently, he went to court in an attempt to straighten out the matter, but the judge ordered him to pay the back child support. The judge determined that he did not file his claim within the prescribed time period.