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Domestic violence and restraining orders

Whether you are a person being abused by your spouse or an individual accused of  abusive behavior, the issue of domestic violence is a sensitive one. When an accusation of domestic violence is raised, a restraining order may be issued. These documents are designed to prevent certain actions on the part of the alleged abuser, along with other relief allowed under New Jersey law.

The person accused of domestic abuse will not be allowed to contact the person or persons listed on the restraining order by phone, email or in person. The "protected party," as he or she is identified here in New Jersey, is also usually granted the use and possession of the family home exclusively. Other relief often seen in these cases is the issuance of orders for temporary support and/or custody to be provided to the protected party.

If you are the victim and need assistance in securing a restraining order and other temporary relief, you should contact an attorney right away. It is not necessary to live in fear and not receive the relief to which you may be entitled. If you are the person accused of domestic violence, your rights could be in jeopardy. Not only could the accusations threaten your freedom, but there are numerous family law issues, such as the custody of your children, for which you may need the assistance of an attorney.

Undoubtedly, domestic violence issues affect the entire family. Restraining orders are often only the beginning of the paperwork between the parties since they are often precursors to divorce or other family law proceedings. Regardless of which side of the order you are on, you are entitled to have your rights and interests protected.

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