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September 2015 Archives

Being financially proactive can help during divorce

Getting divorced allows a person in New Jersey to start a brand new life on his or her own terms. However, the divorce process can be complex as well as both financially and emotionally challenging. A few tips may help people navigate the financial aspect of divorce both during the proceeding and afterward.

Divorce involving child custody may pose a few challenges

One of the most challenging parts of a divorce proceeding is figuring out who will end up with the kids. However, even after child custody issues have been worked out with appropriate legal guidance, the process of co-parenting can still be challenging. A few tips may help people successfully navigate the co-parenting process in New Jersey.

Divorce negotiation requires preparation

Getting divorced can be a huge emotional stressor in addition to causing financial stress in New Jersey. This is especially true for couples who cannot agree on matters such as property division. A thorough understanding of the law may help people more confidently fight for their best interests when dealing with these types of issues during a divorce proceeding in New Jersey.

Prenuptial agreements may protect people in the event of divorce

No matter how much people in New Jersey want their marriage to work out, sometimes it simply is not possible. One of the toughest aspects of going through divorce is determining how to split up assets, particularly when emotions are flaring. Prenuptial agreements, however, make the process of asset division much more seamless.