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A few questions are worth asking during divorce in New Jersey

Divorce can be emotionally draining and financially complex. However, a little preparation may help to make the process less acrimonious. For starters, people going through divorce in New Jersey would be wise to ask themselves several questions in order to determine how to approach the proceeding.

One important question for two divorcing individuals to ask is if they believe that the divorce will be acrimonious or if they are willing to cooperate with each other. They may also wish to explore whether they know everything about their personal and household finances or if they are not in the loop when it comes to certain income sources, assets or debts. It may also be helpful for individuals to ask themselves if they trust their spouses to be forthright.

It is additionally expedient for people to be honest with themselves about whether they have any reasons to think their spouses will make them feel intimidated during the divorce proceedings. Another important consideration is whether both parties are focused on the children's wellbeing. If both individuals are willing to cooperate, then divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce may be highly effective.

The benefit of a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation is that they are more private, typically lead to more of a peaceful settlement process and are less expensive as compared to divorce litigation. However, in situations where the two people getting a divorce do not see eye to eye, then further court intrusion is inevitable. Appropriate legal guidance may help people in New Jersey navigate all of the complexities of their divorces and achieve personally satisfactory outcomes.

Source: The Huffington Post, "3 Steps to Prepare for Your Divorce", Adrienne Rothstein Grace, Oct. 22, 2015

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