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Parents' behavior in divorce involving child custody impacts kids

Getting divorced in New Jersey is naturally tough on two individuals because of the emotional component of a marital split-up. When the marital dissolution involves children, the effects are not felt only by the parents but also by the children, and the effects can be long ranging. A few tips may help parents ensure their children fare as well as possible following a divorce involving child custody.

Divorce in 2016 requires financial planning now

Divorce filings are expected to increase in January in New Jersey and in other parts of the country. This is because many people who are not happy about their marriages have finally gotten through the holiday season and realize they want to begin the New Year fresh. A few tips might help people effectively plan ahead for a divorce proceeding to take place in 2016.

Child custody can be a tricky family law issue during holidays

Although Christmas is supposed to be enjoyable, dealing with the challenges of divorce during the season can put a damper on the holidays. This is particularly the case for those dealing with child custody matters in New Jersey. Some tips may help people to keep the Christmas season a positive one both during and after going through this type of family law proceeding.

Bullying may pose serious issues during divorce

Divorce in New Jersey can be a painful experience both financially and emotionally, even when two people agree to end the marriage amicably. The separation, however, can be especially devastating if one's spouse ends up being a divorce bully. A few tips may help people to cope effectively with a bullying future ex-spouse.

Financial matters can be big stressor during divorce

One of the most frightening parts of divorce in New Jersey is dealing with one's finances. People may understandably be worried about how they will financially support themselves without their spouses' incomes and whether they will end up losing their homes. Some tips may help people who are going through the divorce process protect their financial futures.

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