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June 2016 Archives

Family law case of divorce may not require litigation

A divorce proceeding's outcome in New Jersey may have a huge impact on a person's parental rights as well as his or her financial security. Unfortunately, it can be easy to make poor decisions during the divorce process because of the complexity of matters such as asset division and property distribution. The emotions associated with a child custody case can also make the family law proceeding of divorce complicated and overwhelming.

Divorce litigation may pose challenges

It may seem natural for couples to want to go to battle during New Jersey divorce proceedings. It's particularly true if the parties have different opinions regarding how their assets and property should be divided. However, avoiding litigation during a divorce proceeding offers benefits that are worth considering.

Financial steps necessary after divorce process

Ending a marriage can be painful, not just emotionally but also mentally, psychologically and physically. During the divorce process in New Jersey, a person must be prepared to make critical decisions on matters such as asset division and property distribution. However, important moves must also be made following divorce.

Assets may be complicated to divide during divorce

The division of property is a major issue in the dissolution of a marriage in New Jersey and may have a huge impact on a person's financial security. However, people can make sure that their rights are protected during divorce by retaining legal counsel. This is especially essential for those with complex issues related to property division.