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Several complex issues may affect child support award

The divorce process is naturally stressful for the parties, even more so if children are involved as well. While child custody can be a sticking point for the parents, child support can also be a contentious matter during the divorce proceeding. A family law attorney can help people to fight for their best interests when dealing with child support.

The child support guidelines in New Jersey include a math formula that courts use for computing child support awards. This formula is relatively straightforward. However, several complicated issues might arise that have the potential to influence a person's child support award or obligation.

One complex issue that impacts a child support decision is the calculation of a spouse's income if that spouse is self-employed. Another issue that must be taken into consideration is the imputing of income to parties who are voluntarily unemployed. How bonus pay and seasonal income are treated is yet another complex matter that can have a bearing on a child support award.

child support obligation in New Jersey can also be affected by the high costs of child care that is required due to the illness, physical impairment or disability of a child. An attorney can go over the facts of a person's child support case and complete a calculation according to the state's guidelines to determine how much the person should receive or will have to pay. The attorney will work to protect the person's rights in this type of matter, including pursuing a child support modification when warranted.

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