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August 2016 Archives

Family home may be source of contention during divorce

Dealing with a couple's assets is often one of the biggest stressors when dissolving a marriage. This can be true whether a couple has many assets or only a couple of major assets, such as the family home and some property. A couple of tips might help individuals in New Jersey safeguard their financial interests when going through the divorce process.

Family law: divorce may involve child custody

Through divorce, people in New Jersey have the opportunity to say goodbye to unsatisfactory marriages and hello to freedom. However, when two people have children, they end up still having to see each other frequently after the divorce. This naturally can be difficult, but a few tips may help parents involved in this type of family law proceeding to deal with the challenges successfully.

Attorneys can help those involved in domestic violence cases

Unfortunately, some people in New Jersey live in fear because of domestic violence. Those who have been abused or whose lives have been threatened are not alone, however. With the help of a lawyer, they can seek restraining orders to protect themselves from domestic violence. Likewise, those who have been accused of domestic violence can seek to defend themselves against these accusations.