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Your family vacation could influence when you file for divorce

Unpacking is usually one of the first things people do when returning home from vacation, but for some in New Jersey, something a little more serious might be at the top of the to-do list. With seasonal peaks for divorce filings already, researchers now believe the trend might be tied to more than just the weather. Family vacations appear to be fueling the regular rise and fall of divorces.

Parental alienation is affecting child custody matters

For most parents in New Jersey, their children's well-being becomes the focus of divorce. Parents are usually able to create agreeable child custody arrangements without significant court intervention. Sadly, there are some instances in which one parent goes to extreme lengths in order to unfairly shift custody in their favor, even if is not ultimately in the best interests of their child.

Divorce decisions include those about health care, retirement

The process of getting divorced in New Jersey can be financially and emotionally difficult for any couple regardless of their age or how long they have been married. However, an older couple may experience a few more financial obstacles, such as having to split substantial retirement savings. A couple of tips might help individuals who are going through divorce late in life to protect their financial interests.

New Jersey acts to help victims of domestic violence

For victims, addressing violence from a loved one can be an understandably emotional task. Domestic violence can take many forms outside of the typically acknowledged physical violence, and can include emotional abuse, stalking and even the threat of violence. The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence -- the NJCEDV -- acknowledges that while there is not a universal solution for putting a stop to domestic violence, there are different approaches that might be appropriate for some.

Reducing transitions can help when dealing with child custody

Just as the marital dissolution process in New Jersey can leave emotional scars for parents going through it, the process can also be emotionally challenging for any children who are involved in it. Unfortunately, conflict surrounding a child custody decision can make the divorce process even more stressful for the children. A couple of tips may help parents to make the process as easy as possible for their children.

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