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New Jersey acts to help victims of domestic violence

For victims, addressing violence from a loved one can be an understandably emotional task. Domestic violence can take many forms outside of the typically acknowledged physical violence, and can include emotional abuse, stalking and even the threat of violence. The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence -- the NJCEDV -- acknowledges that while there is not a universal solution for putting a stop to domestic violence, there are different approaches that might be appropriate for some.

Contrary to commonly held beliefs, victims of domestic violence are not isolated to a single social or income group. Perpetrators of this type of violence also vary greatly and are not necessarily current spouses. Former spouses, dating partners -- both current and former -- as well as other household members can all be enactors of acts of violence against loved ones.

New Jersey is hoping to reduce the number of domestic violence offenders by utilizing the Danger Assessment Instrument, or the DAI. Around 75 people in the state are certified to administer the DAI in order to identify individuals who might be at a high risk for becoming a domestic violence offender. Information gathered through the DAI is also used to help address victims' needs and to create safety plans that can help them survive an emergency situation.

No two victims of domestic violence experience the same thing. Whether faced with emotional abuse, stalking or other forms of violence, victims can help secure a safer future for themselves by requesting a restraining order that would require an abuser to refrain from contacting them. While this alone might not be sufficient to fully address the issue, it is often a good start to the process.

Source: tapinto.net, "The NJ Coalition to End Domestic Violence Recognizes 13 Lives Lost to Domestic Violence in July and August", Jane Shivas, Sept. 8, 2016

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