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Reducing transitions can help when dealing with child custody

Just as the marital dissolution process in New Jersey can leave emotional scars for parents going through it, the process can also be emotionally challenging for any children who are involved in it. Unfortunately, conflict surrounding a child custody decision can make the divorce process even more stressful for the children. A couple of tips may help parents to make the process as easy as possible for their children.

First, it is wise to reduce the number of transitions that one's children have to go through. These transitions include moving homes, changing schools and even experiencing a different quality of life due to household income-related changes. Some changes simply cannot be avoided, but if certain changes are unnecessary, not making them can help to reduce the amount of trauma the children experience.

It is also imperative that a divorcing parent take care of himself or herself. Self-care makes it possible for the parent to fully be there for the children during the divorce. By minimizing one's own stress, one can more clearly focus on ensuring that the children continue to feel loved and safe in the midst of the life changes that divorce brings.

Divorce involving child custody in New Jersey can be trying for children whether they are in their toddler years or their teenage years. However, if two parents who are getting divorced can produce a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement together, this can help to reduce conflict both during and after the divorce. In the end, the entire family can more quickly and easily move on from the ordeal.

Source: lifehacker.com, "Three Ways to Make a Divorce Easier on Your Kids", Heather Yamada-Hosley, Aug. 30, 2016

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