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October 2016 Archives

Understanding how a home is handled during property division

For many New Jersey spouses, one of the most pressing concerns during the course of a divorce is how the family home will be handled. Many people feel deep connections to their homes, especially if they have raised children in the properties or gone through various milestones while living in them. When divorce occurs, spouses must determine what to do with the family home, which is a common area of contention during the property division process.

5 tips for making the holidays memorable for your child

Even though many people aren't ready for them, the holidays are right around the corner. For parents who are divorced or separated, now is the time to start preparing for the holiday child custody schedule. Some parents have a clear parenting plan or court order that spells out where the child will be and when. Even if this is the case for you, thinking about these tips can help you to make the holiday season less stressful on your child.

Annual New Jersey domestic violence claims number over 65,000

Violence at the hands of a loved one can be an understandably terrifying experience. Many domestic violence victims in New Jersey experience many different emotions regarding the matter, ranging from shame that the violence occurred to guilt from potentially putting a spouse or significant other into trouble with the law. Still, whether suffering from emotional or physical abuse, victims have options to help address this issue when they are ready.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reach child custody agreement

For parents, children typically become the focus of divorce proceedings, and celebrity couples are apparently no exception. New Jersey fans of the celeb couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have likely already heard of their recent divorce filings, and the soon-to-be exes are already hard at work on the proceedings. Most recently, the couple managed to create a child custody agreement as part of a temporary divorce agreement, which was made with private negotiators.

Money concerns? Prenuptial agreements can put your mind at ease

Planning for a wedding can be one of the most exciting periods of time for New Jersey couples. Most soon-to-be married men and women spend time choosing flower arrangements, scouting ceremony locations and shopping for dresses, but many people forget one very important option -- the prenuptial agreement. When it comes to divorce, prenuptial agreements can address the financial stressors that can plague the process for many people.

Duties a property owner may owe a trespasser

When you are at someone's home or on property owned by someone else, that property owner may owe you a measure of safety. It all depends on who you are, how you know the owner, the reason you are there, if you had the ability to use caution and whether or not it's a public policy concern.