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Man unable to divorce his wife due to mental issues

Few things are more important to New Jersey residents than individual liberties. The ability to dictate the course of one's life is often taken for granted until such time as those rights are threatened. An example is found in the case of a man who was recently denied the right to divorce his wife. That decision was made based on a previous ruling that deemed the man mentally incompetent. 

A phone app could make child support easier to manage

When parents divorce, they remain linked through their shared children. Their relationship will have changed, but the need to communicate and work together to provide for the needs of their children will remain. Child support is the primary means of sharing the financial burden of raising a child. It is also, however, among the most contentious subjects that divorced parents face, in New Jersey and across the nation.

Winning child custody against an abusive parent

For parents who are fighting a custody battle against an abusive partner, the experience can be overwhelming. Unless there is irrefutable evidence of abuse or criminal charges in the matter, there is no guarantee that a New Jersey parent will prevail in court. This type of child custody battle requires a different approach, as the results can have devastating consequences for the kids at the center of the matter.  

Child custody challenges can be tricky during holidays

The holidays are naturally a hectic and potentially stressful time of the year for New Jersey families. However, this time of the year can be especially overwhelming for parents who live separately. Although balancing shared child custody can be challenging, it is still possible.

Divorce late in life can negatively impact finances

Divorcing at any age can be difficult both emotionally and financially. However, getting a divorce late in life can especially take a toll on an individual. Late-life divorces in New Jersey and elsewhere are occurring at a rapid rate today, and unfortunately, many older people's retirement plans are being destroyed in the process.

Serving divorce paperwork through Facebook still unresolved

Many New Jersey readers are aware that a neighboring state has recently allowed legal service through social media, and Facebook in particular. In a recent case, however, a judge has denied a woman's use of Facebook to serve her estranged husband with divorce papers. As this issue continues to face family courts across the nation, the issue of how technology could impact legal service will continue to be addressed.

Intangible assets, taxes important to consider during divorce

When people get divorced at an older age in the state of New Jersey, it is often known that one spouse had handled all of the household finances during the marriage. For Baby Boomer couples, it is often the husband. However, a recent survey showed that women are more likely than men to make wise financial moves following a divorce.

End of a marriage could come sooner in one state

Reaching the decision to end a marriage is never an easy process. In fact, many couples in New Jersey and across the nation spend months or even years contemplating their relationship prior to filing for divorce. The end of a marriage is never an outcome that a spouse hoped for. That said, once the decision to divorce has been made, both parties are usually eager to move through the process and begin rebuilding their lives as individuals.

Pediatricians might help parents dealing with child custody

When New Jersey parents are going through a divorce, this can mark a stressful time for them and their children. Divorce has an emotional impact that is particularly felt during the holidays, especially if the parents are struggling to see eye to eye on matters related to child custody. New research, however, shows that pediatricians may be able to play an instrumental role in helping children to adjust to the changes brought on by divorce.

More millennials choosing this family law option prior to marriage

In a recent survey of divorce attorneys, more millennials are reportedly seeking prenuptial agreements prior to committing to marriage. That change indicates that younger people in New Jersey and elsewhere are taking a far more pragmatic approach to family law issues than previous generations. For those who will eventually go through a divorce, having a prenup in place can save a great deal of time and stress.

Divorce can be trickly when credit cards are involved

The process of dissolving a marriage can take an emotional toll on a person in New Jersey, but it can also be a source of financial stress. This is especially true for couples who have a significant amount of credit card debt. A few tips may help those navigating a divorce proceeding that involves credit cards.

Avoid letting emotions overpower reason in divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for many New Jersey spouses. Navigating child custody, property division and other contentious issues can be challenging. It is easy to allow one's emotions to overrule reason during a divorce. Doing so, however, is unlikely to yield positive results.

Did employer inspire to reduce father's monthly payments?

No one in New Jersey enjoys handing over a significant portion of their monthly income to bills and other financial obligations. That said, parents who have gone through divorce have an obligation to provide a share of the cost of supporting their child or children. Child support is most commonly paid in monthly payments, the amount of which is determined by evaluating the income of both parents. In an unusual case, one southern state is determining how to respond to a claim that an employer conspired with a parent to fraudulently reduce child support obligations.

Divorce has impact on retirement assets

Getting divorced can be difficult from an emotional standpoint, but it can be just as trying from a financial point of view. The process of dissolving a marriage can be especially intimidating for individuals close to retirement. However, it is possible for people going through a New Jersey divorce to protect their financial futures.

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