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Divorce proceeding can be affected by anger

Anger is a normal emotion to experience during the dissolution of a marriage. Anger offers multiple benefits for those going through divorce in New Jersey. However, it could also be detrimental, emotionally and financially, if not kept in check. 

There are many potential reasons to feel angry during divorce proceedings, particularly when expectations are shattered or trust has been betrayed. Anger usually provokes an individual to protect him or herself from harm, which can actually be beneficial. When one's dignity or safety are being threatened, it's easier to assert oneself.

Still, anger can also spur a desire to retaliate against the other spouse. Sometimes this plays out in an attempt to prevent the other party from seeing the children. Other times, efforts may be made to secret assets in an attempt to gain a greater share when property division issues are negotiated. Some parents even try to turn a child against the other parent. Unfortunately, any of these responses can have a negative impact on the children as well as the parents, immediately and in the long term.

Those parents who are able to keep their focus on achieving a fair and balanced settlement may be able to complete the process of divorce negotiation or mediation instead of going through litigation, which can be costly, time consuming and more stressful. Through these alternatives to a litigated divorce in New Jersey, parents can work on a parenting agreement that reflects both of their wishes. Most importantly, with legal guidance, they can produce an agreement that keeps the focus on the best interests of any children involved.

Source: firstwivesworld.com, "Learning To Let The Divorce Anger Go", Dec. 8, 2016

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