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Child custody conflict can make divorce more stressful

One of the toughest parts of divorce in New Jersey is figuring out what it means to become a co-parent. However, even though child custody is often a sticking part of divorce, it is possible to handle this aspect of the family law proceeding in an amicable way. A couple of tips may help parents to navigate the process of dissolving a marriage as peacefully as possible.

First, it is critical that both parents remain parental. This means that they should avoid making decisions based on their emotions. Rather, decisions should be made based on what is best for the children, with their needs always coming first.

If possible, it can be helpful to try to give the children a sense of stability during and after the divorce. For instance, perhaps the children will get to keep living in the same house and attending the same school as before. Instability continues to be a major factor in whether children can adjust to their parents' divorce effectively or not.

In some cases, it is possible for two divorcing individuals in New Jersey to address their differences and find common ground in the area of child custody through divorce negotiation or mediation. Through these processes, they can create their own parenting agreement -- one that reflects both of their wishes and most importantly considers the best interests of the child. The benefit of mediation or negotiation is that it fosters an atmosphere of cooperation versus animosity, which is helpful for those who will have to co-parent in the coming years.

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