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Domestic violence remains major issue

Some individuals in New Jersey unfortunately live in fear of being harmed by their romantic partners. However, there are legal steps a person can take to protect himself or herself in such a situation. It is best for such a person to pursue a restraining order when experiencing domestic violence. There are also legal steps a person can take if he or she is falsely accused of domestic violence.

Domestic violence has the potential to tear apart families, creating a significant amount of anxiety and fear for children and adults alike. According to New Jersey law, critical relief is available for domestic violence victims. A restraining order offers multiple benefits, including prohibiting the person carrying out domestic abuse from continuing to contact the person he or she is abusing; this contact can be in the form of a phone call, email or other mode of communication.

Another benefit of a restraining order is that it grants the exclusive possession and use of a home to the party being protected by the restraining order. Restraining orders also establish temporary custody orders and support orders. With a restraining order, other relief considered necessary by the court is ordered as well.

Contacting an attorney in New Jersey may also be helpful if you have been accused of domestic violence and have had a restraining order filed against you. If the court determines that you have engaged in domestic violence, this will affect your rights in a major way if you end up going through a divorce proceeding. An attorney can help both individuals facing violence and those accused of violence to fight for their best interests and ensure that their rights are protected.

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