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Making children feel loved important during child custody battle

Just as divorce can take an emotional toll on parents, it can be difficult for children to accept and understand as well. Even if parents in the state of New Jersey might not be facing a tough child custody court battle, they might act in a hostile manner toward each other while trying to co-parent. In these situations, children might think that they are the ones at fault in the divorce.

An important step when going through a divorce involving children is to make sure that the children feel loved. Parents often assume their children know that they are cared for, but this may not always be the case. Letting the children know they are loved will reassure them during difficult times. It may also bring personal stress relief, as connecting with loved ones is a major source of joy in life.

It may also be beneficial to consider therapy for tackling emotional difficulties. Therapy might be indicated if children are excessively hostile or rude, refuse to attend school or display obsessive-compulsive behavior, depression or anxiety. Getting therapeutic support can be good not only for the children but also the entire family.

After a divorce in the state of New Jersey, each parent typically has a right to some form of child custody. If no agreement is reached between the parents, a court in New Jersey will have to decide which parent will get primary custody. In its decision, the court will focus on what is ultimately in the best interests of the child.

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