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Divorce can be a confusing process at the start

Putting an end to a marriage in the state of New Jersey can be a frustrating experience, not only for the spouses but also for their children. Not knowing where to start at the outset of the divorce process can especially be intimidating. A few tips may help with ensuring that some important steps are taken early on.

First, gathering all financial documents and making copies of them are critical steps. Spouses often share these documents, such as tax records, bank statements and financial records. However, having their own sets of documents is paramount before heading to the negotiating table.

Closing joint accounts is another important move to make as soon as possible after filing for divorce. If a bank account is not closed, a vengeful future ex may try to use up all of the funds, for instance. Alternatively, he or she may try to accumulate a significant amount of debt on a credit card to get back at the other party.

When going through a divorce involving a child custody dispute with a future ex, being open and honest with the children, within reason, is important for helping them to come to terms with the divorce. Parents may also benefit from giving their children the opportunity to discuss the matter and process their emotions with the help of a therapist if necessary. An attorney in the state of New Jersey can offer guidance during the process of tackling asset distribution, child custody and other potentially contentious issues during a divorce proceeding.

Source: cheatsheet.com, "Headed for Divorce? 11 Pro Tips You Need to Follow", Julie Peirano, April 23, 2017

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