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Divorce involving high-value assets can be acrimonious

No matter how much or little money a couple has in the state of New Jersey, getting divorced can be financially challenging. After all, both parties may simply struggle to see eye to eye on how to split the assets they share. However, having more in the coffers can certainly make things a little more difficult during a divorce proceeding.

Oftentimes, settling a divorce is less expensive than litigating it when trying to get through a divorce. However, in particularly contentious high-value-asset cases, the wealthy partner may desire to ruin the other partner at any cost rather than settling. Thus, he or she will push back against the other person's requests or offers even if it does not make financial sense to do so.

In other cases, the less wealthy partner is the one who is interested in litigating. This is often the person who did not manage the household finances during the marriage. Their motivation for going to trial is to try to get as much in assets as possible from the other spouse before moving on.

When divorce litigation is inevitable in the state of New Jersey, the process can be stressful and time consuming. Still, a knowledgeable attorney can help to make as compelling of a case as possible on one's behalf at trial when tackling issues such as the distribution of assets or even spousal support. The attorney will strive to ensure that all of one's relevant rights are protected and best interests pursued during even the most acrimonious of divorce proceedings.

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