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Garner, Affleck file for divorce

Two celebrities in an out-of-state case have decided to split up permanently after being separated for nearly two years already. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who officially separated back in June of 2015, recently filed their divorce documents together. When the decision to get divorced is made, several factors have to be taken into consideration in the state of New Jersey.

One of those factors is child custody, which can be a major point of contention for parents with young children. In Garner's and Affleck's case, they are both pursuing joint legal custody as well as joint physical custody. The pair have three kids.

Another important consideration is how assets are to be split. In the celebrity couple's case, how they plan to divide their property has yet to be determined. It is also not yet clear if either party will have to pay spousal support to the other one.

Because the divorce process can be complicated legally in addition to being emotionally challenging, making mistakes when arriving at important decisions can be easy. Unfortunately, these mistakes can end up being financially costly down the road. An attorney in the state of New Jersey can help with making informed decisions regarding matters such as the splitting of assets and how much spousal support should be pursued, focusing on what is ultimately in one's best interests. If the two parties cannot address such matters in an amicable way at the negotiation table, then a judge will end up making these critical decisions for them.

Source: people.com, "Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Officially File for Divorce", Ale Russian, April 13, 2017

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