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Commercial truck crashes in New Jersey are common and devastating

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be a terrifying experience. When the other vehicle is a massive commercial truck, like a semi-truck or an 18-wheeler, it can be even worse. The potential for serious injuries and even fatalities increases when an accident involves a huge and heavy vehicle. Truck drivers are much less likely to sustain injuries in these accidents than the people in the smaller vehicles. No matter how safely you drive your own vehicle, you simply can't control how other people behave behind the wheel. A truck driver's mistake could end up costing you a lot.

Driving commercial trucks is a job that is both dangerous and boring at times. Drivers are subject to long work hours and monotony, which can lead to distraction or falling asleep at the wheel. Even though there are laws in place to prevent fatigued driving, commercial drivers may falsify their records or find other ways to bend the rules. Sometimes, employers incentivize this kind of behavior by offering bonuses for on-time deliveries or otherwise pressuring workers to violate federal regulations. Unfortunately, other drivers often end up paying the price for bad decisions and negligence by truck drivers.

Commercial trucks can cause serious injuries.

In 2015, 87,000 people got injured in accidents with commercial vehicles, and several thousand fatalities occurred as well. Although you may be grateful to have survived such a serious and frightening collision, your injuries could cause problems for years to come. Common injuries include broken bones; head and brain injuries; back, neck and spinal injuries; and blunt trauma injuries to organs and soft tissue. In most cases, emergency medical intervention and trauma care are required. Surgeries and bone setting, as well as medical tests and hospitalization, can quickly burn through your insurance coverage.

Brain injuries and spinal injuries can cause permanent disability, making you unable to work or even provide for daily needs like showering without assistance. Physical therapy may be needed to recover from broken bones or less severe back and head injuries. Combine those medical costs with the expense involved in repairing or replacing your vehicle and your lost wages while you recover, and you have potential for a financial crisis. When you've been seriously hurt by someone else's mistake, you deserve compensation to ensure you can meet your financial obligations.

An attorney can protect your rights and interests after a trucking accident.

When you've sustained serious injuries from an accident with a commercial vehicle, you need legal advice. Speaking with an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney is your best option. Your lawyer can negotiate with insurance providers, research to find out if the trucking company has a history of serious violations, and even help you file a civil lawsuit to recover your losses.

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