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Rapper Nas finalizes child custody agreement with Kelis

It is not uncommon for New Jersey parents to disagree about the care and custody of any shared children. If couples who have divorced were on amicable terms, many marriages would not end. Sadly, child custody decisions become a source of contention well past the day the divorce was finalized. The rapper, Nas, and singer-songwriter Kelis recently made a divorce agreement that reportedly took them years to settle.

The couple was married for four years and have been divorced for seven. According to Nas, it has been a struggle to spend time with his son. He has accused Kelis of only allowing him time when it worked in her schedule. Apparently, she was also very protective of the health and nutrition of her son.

Now that their son is 8 years old, the couple has agreed to specified times that Nas can have with his son. As soon as his son is out of school on Fridays, Nas will spend pre-determined weekends with his son. Nas agreed to feed and administer medications according to Kelis' wishes, and both parents agreed to try to leave their son out of social media pictures and posts.

In contentious child custody cases such as this one, a family law attorney can be of assistance to ensure the wishes and rights of a parent. New Jersey family law attorneys can assist any parent who feels he or she does not have adequate time with the children following a divorce by negotiating with the other parent's attorney. If a settlement cannot be reached between a couple, some couples must resort to court hearings for a judge to determine the outcome.

Source: theblast.com, "Nas and Kelis Settle Custody Dispute Over Son", Ryan Naumann and Liz Walters, Jan. 9, 2018

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