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Dad racks up 20 years of delinquent child support payments

Most parents want what is best for their children, but some parents do not know how to financially provide properly. In the event that a parent does not do his or her part to assist with the basic financial needs of his or her children, a New Jersey family law attorney may be able to help. One mother likely sought assistance when her former husband allegedly fled the country to avoid paying child support, and he has been accused of delinquent payments for approximately 20 years.

How will the new tax code affect alimony payments in New Jersey?

New Jersey couples considering a divorce have a host of decisions to process. Couples must determine their living situation, child custody, child support and alimony. Couples considering a divorce last year probably did not imagine that tax codes could have an impact on future divorce negotiations.

Divorce granted to end 70-year marriage

Many couples choose to use the vows "till death do us part," but many marriages do not survive for the rest of a couple's life. One couple in another state almost managed to remain married until death, but a judge recently granted their divorce. New Jersey couples who are considering a divorce may be interested to understand the reasons behind the couple's end of their 70-year marriage.

Where to live following a divorce is just one decision to be made

Every marriage is unique and every couple has a different set of circumstances to consider when a marriage appears to be at its end. Due to the emotional turmoil many New Jersey individuals feel prior to and during a divorce, many cannot understand all the decisions that must be made during the process. One decision that is sometimes overlooked is considering where each spouse will live following the divorce. 

Teen angst: Avoiding trouble from teens during divorce

No teen wants to go through a divorce. It is a pivotal time in life, so teens want their situations to stay stable. Deciding to get a divorce at this time could throw into question everything your teen knows or believes. Since teens are just starting to explore relationships, having teenagers go through theirs parents' divorces can color how they view relationships in the future.

New Jersey attorneys can assist in cases of domestic violence

Sadly, some people do not know how to effectively communicate with a significant other or how to effectively channel their anger. For some individuals, the ineffective communication can result in domestic physical or emotional abuse. Because authorities take any accusations of domestic violence seriously, accused New Jersey individuals may be interested in another couple's complicated case.

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