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Dog bite attacks can cause serious injuries and mental anguish

People love to assume that dogs are friendly unless they are overtly growling, barking or showing their teeth. They may tell themselves that dogs only bite humans in self defense or to defend a beloved human. In reality, many people end up hurt after a dog attacks and bites them without provocation.

Dog bites can cause devastating injuries. Large dogs can permanently disable or disfigure an adult or even inflict fatal injuries with one bite. Even small dogs can cause serious injuries if they bite someone on the hands, face, neck or a vulnerable area. Those who have suffered injuries due to a dog bite attack have the legal right to hold the owner accountable in New Jersey.

New Jersey law holds owners responsible

Regardless of the breed of the dog or its previous behavior, anyone who owns a dog in New Jersey is responsible for damages it causes. Owners should keep animals leashed in most public settings and restrained while on private property. Failing to take proper precautions could result in serious liability issues for the owner. It only takes one bite to cause severe and expensive damage to a human.

Owners are responsible for dog bites, whether they happen on public land, like a park or sidewalk, or on private property, such as in their home. The only real exceptions to this rule are when a dog bites someone who was trespassing or otherwise committing a crime.

Dog bite attacks can be quite expensive for the victim

It only takes one strong or well-placed bite to cause ongoing medical issues for the victim. Bites to the hands, face and neck often require cosmetic surgery. If the victim is a young child, he or she may require ongoing corrective surgery every few years until adulthood.

Bites to the hands and ankles can also cause serious damage to tendons, muscles and other tissue critical for manual dexterity and walking. Even bites to fleshy parts of the body can require intensive trauma care, stitches and anti-infection efforts. Stitches may be necessary. For larger dogs or younger victims, broken bones are also possible. All of these medical needs become expensive quickly.

Beyond the many potential physical needs, victims of vicious dog attacks may require counseling or therapy. Depending on the circumstances of the attack, a victim could become afraid of dogs, parks, open areas or visiting friends. Post traumatic stress is also possible if the injuries were severe enough or the attack was truly vicious. Treating these non-physical injuries can also cost quite a bit.

Homeowners insurance or a lawsuit may offset your losses

If the attack took place on private property and the dog's owner had appropriate homeowners insurance, that policy may cover some or all of the expenses related to the attack. If it does not or the dog's owner does not have a policy, you may need to consider a personal injury lawsuit against the owner to recoup the expenses related to the dog bite.

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