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Mediation can reduce the impact of a divorce on your children

Most parents know that divorce can have a deep and lasting negative impact on minor children. The more contentious and difficult the divorce, the more likely it is to cause serious consequences for your kids. Witnessing parents fighting, feeling compelled to choose a side and losing time with either parent can all cause emotional and social problems for children.

Focusing your approach to divorce on the needs of the children is always a good idea. It can help you to stay calm and prevent your emotions from taking control. Instead of viewing your spouse as someone to defeat, you can try viewing him or her as someone you will need to work with for many years. After all, you will both remain parents to your children even if you aren't each other's spouses anymore. For some couples, mediation can be a great way to shield children from divorce.

Mediation reduces the conflict in a divorce

Mediation is a process of careful consideration and guided compromise. In other words, both spouses must find a way to work together to resolve all the outstanding terms for their divorce. Terms regarding child custody and parenting plan arrangements, spousal support and asset division can get figured out in mediation.

Both spouses must be willing to work with one another and compromise to find workable solutions. Because each spouse has a say in the eventual outcome of the process, there are fewer feelings of powerlessness or of being disenfranchised. While no one gets exactly what he or she wants, everyone can feel satisfied about the outcome.

Mediation takes the pressure off of children

For kids in their teen years, there's additional pressure during a divorce, because the courts may want the children to make a statement about their preferences for custody. That can leave a child worried about how such a statement will impact relationships with both parents. In mediation, on the other hand, the parents handle the issues between themselves, without involving the children directly at all.

Instead, the parents will work together to resolve issues and plan for how they will share custody. While the courts will need to review and approve the parenting plan, this method is much less stressful than expecting the children to testify in court.

Mediation can help parents develop a healthy co-parenting relationship

Finding common ground and a way to work together after a divorce isn't always easy. The discussions and compromise involved in mediation, however, can help you and your spouse find a way to interact that is calm and effective. Mediation can rebuild things, which can reduce the strain on your kids. If they see you working together calmly, it will teach them mature ways to handle conflict.

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