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Domestic violence a growing concern

New Jersey residents would likely be saddened to know that violence in the home continues to be a growing concern for the state. Domestic violence calls continue to pour into local police stations and safe haven services. The problem is so pervasive that some local police stations are looking for volunteers to be trained to render aid to victims in situations of domestic violence. 

Attorneys report a rise in prenuptial agreements

Changes in how society approaches student loans, credit card debt and getting married later in life are all reasons that may encourage couples who are about to marry to discuss the possibility that the marriage may not last forever. Although it can be a sensitive subject to address, many New Jersey couples are recognizing the benefits of prenuptial agreements. While it was traditionally only considered when individuals had significant wealth to protect, many couples are finding there are other ways an agreement prior to marriage can be helpful.

Planning for your child's future during your divorce

With the end of a marriage comes various financial issues that the two parties must address, issues pertaining to both immediate financial needs and those for the future. One thing New Jersey parents would be wise to address in detail during their divorce is the need for college tuition for their kids. Taking care of that potentially complex issue now can reduce the chance of continued problems long-term.

Some couples attribute student loan debt as factor in divorce

There has been a lot of discussion about the increase in student debt over the last couple of decades. In order to achieve a post-secondary degree, many individuals take on thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Unfortunately, the debt can become a burden for many, including married couples. New Jersey married couples may be interested in the financial stress that can occur because of student loan debt and the role it can have in a couple's divorce.

Was a premises responsible for your fall on stairs?

When you are in a public space, such as a shopping mall, restaurant or even your own apartment building, you do not expect to become injured due to a hazard that presented a danger. In general, it is a premises' responsibility to ensure that guests are kept reasonably safe at all times. When a guest does become injured, it is likely that he or she will be subject to high medical bills and may need to take time off work in order to recover, losing wages as a result.

Why are children's best interests so important in child custody?

Divorcing parents are often told to stay focused on one thing -- the best interests of their children. Those interests help shape the foundation of child custody agreements. However, New Jersey parents are often expected to immediately understand what those interests are, and they rarely receive guidance on the matter. This can lead to custody agreements that are not necessarily beneficial to the child. 

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