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Judge loses job amid child custody dispute

New Jersey residents may be under the common misconception that having a friend in the judicial system can give a party an unfair advantage in court. The state has recently proven that this is not the case. A news story has captured the front page, telling the story of a judge that misused her power to interfere in a child custody dispute

Female reality tv star accused of domestic violence

Though certainly not the first television show based in New Jersey,  the show "Jersey Shore" and recent spin-off "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" continues to captivate audiences nationwide. Many viewers have been keeping up with the rowdy cast of characters for nearly a decade and tune in each week to see the latest antics. The cast, however, is all grown up, and plot lines now show real-life struggles -- like marriage, legal trouble and domestic violence

Child support enforcement efforts in full swing

There are many New Jersey parents that are familiar with child support orders. Sometimes, when payments become delinquent, the parent responsible for making the payments can face serious consequences. Even people who fall behind by only a few payments are subject to serious penalties as the state has rolled out new efforts regarding child support enforcement.

Women's advocate faces charges for violating child custody order

New Jersey parents may have found themselves in a situation that put them at odds with the legal system. When it comes to child custody orders, there is no wiggle room for parents that disagree with the orders contents. Child custody orders must be followed whether a parent personally agrees or not. 

Your parenting plan should address holidays and special events

For many families, concerns about child custody issues are the most difficult component of a divorce. Before the courts began to favor even splits of parental responsibilities, it was common for parents to battle to be the winner in the child custody case. Parents would often say and do anything to be the one who received primary custody. That approach was not always the best for the children involved.

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