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Will the divorce of a friend make you likely to divorce?

Most married couples have other couples whom they spend time with. Whether it is a sibling and their spouse or just good friends, it's natural for spouses to have couple friends. That can make socializing more fun for everyone because there are no so-called "third wheels" when two or more couples hang out together.

You and your spouse may find that spending time with other couples helps you appreciate one another more. You may even find the devotion of another couple inspiring. Unfortunately, even couples that seem happy and stable can sometimes surprise you by ending their marriage.

If someone you spend a lot of time with has recently announced their impending divorce, you will likely find yourself wondering how you could have missed the signs that their marriage was on the rocks. Does that mean that your marriage could also be doing worse than you think? Some people might find themselves wondering whether divorce is actually contagious within a certain social circle.

When people you love divorce, reflection is common

A divorce is like a death in many ways, and it often inspires people to reflect on their own relationships and lives. In that way, divorce can lead other people to consider the state of their own marriage. Those who are already unhappy could find themselves wondering whether they would also benefit from a divorce and a fresh start.

While it is true that one couple in a social circle divorcing can influence others to think about divorce, that doesn't mean you have to worry about your marriage. The intention to divorce isn't spread that easily. Most couples who are happily married can survive many divorces among the people closest to them.

Stable marriages aren't affected by outside factors

The simple truth of the matter is that a divorce between two people is never the consequence of someone else's actions. A divorce is always the result of issues between the couple calling it quits, not the influence of people outside of the relationship.

While it is perfectly natural to worry about whether your marriage could eventually come to an end when someone else surprises you with the announcement of their divorce, if your marriage is founded on mutual respect and good communication, you can likely weather just about any issues that arise.

However, the divorce of a friend could make you realize that a fresh start is possible. If you find yourself thinking that the end of your marriage is imminent, it may be time to take the next step. Discuss your situation with an experienced attorney in Randolph to help you figure out the best way to handle moving forward with your life.

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