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Would post-divorce nesting be best for your kids?

Divorce with kids brings up a lot of questions, one of which is where they'll live. Most often, the parents sell the expensive family home -- which they bought on two incomes, after all -- and buy two separate homes or apartments. Then the kids spend time with both of them in these new homes, in accordance with the custody schedule.

Should stay-at-home parents get an equal share from the divorce?

Few people would dispute the fact that raising children is an important and valuable undertaking. However, since being a homemaker generally does not generate any income, many people in New Jersey and elsewhere differ on how parenting should be valued during a divorce. There are those who argue that stay-at-home parents are entitled to a fair share of marital assets, despite the fact that they did not directly financially contribute to the relationship. Other people aren't quite so sure. One study appears to reveal that gender is a big contributor to people's opinions on this subject.

High asset divorce lessons from Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos

Most people navigating divorce proceedings will experience difficulties at some point in the process. This is especially true in cases where one or both spouses own a great deal of assets. However, experts say that there are ways for people to get through a high asset divorce with as little animosity as possible. They point to the recent divorce of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, as an example. His divorce offers several lessons for those here in New Jersey in a similar situation.

Protecting online life during a divorce

Divorcing in today's world has many different challenges than it did in the past. Technology and the internet have created an entirely new category of matters that will have to be managed during the divorce process. Luckily, experts have several tips for people here in New Jersey who are considering a divorce and are unsure of how to handle the digital side of life.

Education levels of children of divorce affected differently

Most people agree that even when a divorce is the right choice for two parents, their children may struggle with the process. This doesn't mean that New Jersey parents shouldn't get a divorce, but it is helpful to understand how the event may affect their children. One study revealed that the education levels of children may be affected by divorce, but, interestingly, one demographic seemed to show more negative effects than others -- children from affluent families.

Mother receives thousands in unpaid child support

When two parents do not stay in a relationship together, the hope is that they can still work together for the benefit of any children that they share. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some parents even fail to make necessary child support payments. In these situations, a New Jersey parent who is owed that money may feel as though he or she has no recourse, but that is often not the case. One woman from out of state has proved that, as she has been awarded $150,000 in unpaid child support that accumulated over 50 years.

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