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Divorce rates dropping due to millennials

Even when a divorce is right for everyone involved, it can still be a difficult event in a person's life. Perhaps that is why, according to recent research, younger people are finding ways to avoid getting divorced. Millennials are often blamed for declines in various industries, and the wedding industry may be the next casualty. Experts speculate that the dropping divorce rates among this age demographic may be due to several different factors that New Jersey families may find informative.

Bill pushes counseling for children affected by domestic violence

When the topic of domestic violence comes up, people often think of an abused spouse or partner. Though it's vitally important to keep those victims at the center of any discussion, there are other potential victims of this kind of abuse who may never experience actual assault. The children of victims or perpetrators of domestic violence are often traumatized by witnessing or overhearing these incidents of abuse. Two New Jersey state legislators want to ensure that these children's emotional well-being is addressed and that they receive counseling to handle the trauma.

How one state is using gambling winnings for unpaid child support

Child support payments are often a crucial part of child care. When two parents are not in a relationship, a child's needs must still be met. The legal system in New Jersey has many ways of ensuring that this happens, including collecting prize money from a parent who has won the lottery or had a gambling win. One state has learned from New Jersey's example and is attempting to recoup unpaid child support from gambling jackpots.

MLB pitcher and wife finalize adoption of their son

New Jersey families come in so many varieties, but the one thing they have in common is love. For some couples, adoption is the way they choose to complete their family, and they have differing reasons for choosing this path. It can be a long process, but the reward at the end of it all makes it worthwhile. The recent adoption of a baby boy by MLB pitcher, Adam Wainwright, and his wife shows just how wonderful the event can be.

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