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Always report a slip-and-fall accident when it happens in a store

You're just trying to get on with your day, but then you hit a wet spot on the floor. Suddenly, the world around you seems to be moving as your feet slip out from under you and you crash down. If you are particularly unlucky, you might hit your arms or legs on nearby fixtures or furniture. It's also possible you could crack your head against the floor or anything else nearby.

Man has to split lottery jackpot in divorce agreement

When people in New Jersey decide to divorce, they probably understand that certain assets may be divided by the court. However, it can be tricky to determine exactly what assets are affected, depending on several factors, including when the divorce is finalized. One man found this fact out the hard way when a judge ruled that he had to split his multi-million dollar lottery winnings with his ex-wife.

Child support payments vary depending on locale

Most parents, even when they decide not to have a relationship with one another, only want what is best for their children. Whether the two parents decide to get a divorce or were never married in the first place, it is imperative that the needs of any shared children are put first. One of the ways to do that is for a non-custodial parent to pay child support to a custodial parent. New Jersey families may be interested in a recent study that found that child support payments can vary widely across the nation.

Are children of divorce more likely to get a divorce themselves?

Families of all kinds experience divorce. It happens to people in New Jersey regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status. However, there are certain factors that can make it more likely that a marriage will not last. One of the things that can increase the chance of divorce is whether each spouse's parents were also divorced. Though experts have always suspected a connection between a parent's divorce and the adult child's, there is now scientific research to back this claim.

How to share child custody during the summer break

When summer comes, it is often a time for fun and adventure for kids. For divorced families that choose to co-parent, the summer break can raise questions and concerns for everyone involved. New Jersey parents may be unsure how to navigate some of these potentially tricky issues that surround child custody agreements. Fortunately, experts have advice for parents facing this exact scenario.

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