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Always report a slip-and-fall accident when it happens in a store

You're just trying to get on with your day, but then you hit a wet spot on the floor. Suddenly, the world around you seems to be moving as your feet slip out from under you and you crash down. If you are particularly unlucky, you might hit your arms or legs on nearby fixtures or furniture. It's also possible you could crack your head against the floor or anything else nearby.

While you may be able to get back up after such a dramatic fall, resist the urge to move on as if nothing happened. Your feeling of embarrassment could lead you to make a mistake that could cause issues in the future.

Just putting the slip behind you is, of course, ideal, but you may need medical care at some point. Reporting the accident to the facilities manager or owner helps ensure that you can get proper insurance coverage in the future.

Businesses will make a record of injuries that happened on site

Most corporations have strict accident reporting policies in place. Companies ranging from grocery stores to hospitals have specific internal procedures employees must follow when an individual reports an injury or accident. You can go to the customer service desk or ask a nearby employee to get a manager for you.

You will need to recount what happened and likely sign an accident report. You should make sure to explain what happened, especially if you hit your head or your limbs as you fell. Although you may not currently have symptoms, injuries could arise in the next few days. If you don't make a report, it will be much more difficult to connect with the compensation you deserve.

Delayed onset symptoms can show up after weeks or months

Many people assume that if they can walk away from a fall, they probably aren't hurt that badly. However, that simply isn't always true. Many injuries can take some time to truly manifest. Soft tissue injuries may not be noticeable immediately, especially if you had a rush of adrenaline when you fell.

The same could be true of hairline fractures. You may have a broken bone, but you may not realize it until you need to put pressure or weight on that limb in a certain manner. You might not notice the break in your bone for several days or longer. Head injuries often produce delayed symptoms. You may not notice how severe the symptoms are until you attempt to return to work.

Having a record at the business of the injury will make it easier for you to prove that the symptoms you have later relate to that accident. Even if you have documentation, connecting with compensation after a slip-and-fall accident in a public place can prove difficult. Working with an experienced Randolph, New Jersey, attorney can make the process much easier.

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