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Adoption nonprofit encourages helping others in need

When parents are unable to have their own biological children, they often turn to adoption to add to their family. Here in New Jersey, the process can be very complex, but also worthwhile. The expense can sometimes present an obstacle for some parents-to-be. One out-of-state nonprofit decided that not only did it want to help families cover adoption costs, but it made a point to encourage recipients to give back to their community. Now, one couple is that much closer to making their dreams of a family a reality.

Mediation is a tool to make divorce easier for your kids

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about getting a divorce is knowing it is going to have some kind of psychological impact on your children. No matter how rough the relationship with your spouse has become over the course of your marriage, you likely still share a deep attachment to your children and a desire for what is best for them.

Job fair specifically for those making child support payments

Most parents want nothing but the best for their children. This is the case even when two parents aren't in a relationship with one another. One way to ensure children have their needs met is for one parent to make child support payments to the other. However, if that paying parent is out of work or underemployed here in New Jersey, making those payments can be difficult. One out-of-state county took matters into its own hands by hosting a job fair specifically for people making child support payments.

An expensive wedding may make divorce more likely

Though most couples who marry fully intend to stay that way, many will end up in divorce court. Some of them might wonder if there was any way to predict the outcome of their marriage. One recent study suggests an interesting potential correlation between how much money couples spend on their wedding and their likelihood to consider getting a divorce. New Jersey residents may find the study and all of its reporting to be an interesting look at how people manage money when it comes to their wedding.

Handling child custody when parents don't get along

Taking care of children is hard enough in today's world, even for parents who are married to one another. When two parents are not in a relationship, that can complicate matters, particularly if the two parents do not get along. Even so, there are still ways for parents who dislike one another to successfully co-parent. Experts have advice for New Jersey parents who may have difficulty handling child custody in this situation. According to professionals, it is not necessary for two parents to like one another in order to share custody, but they must decide to put their children first.

Advances in technology but not laws enable online stalking

In today's society, personal privacy has been diminished in the rush to embrace new technology. While many new gadgets have enhanced the ability of individuals to ensure the safety of loved ones, many of these tools have been used to engage in online stalking. Unfortunately, while technology continues to evolve, laws to protect victims from cyber-stalking have not kept pace. New Jersey residents who have been victims of stalking or other forms of unwanted behaviors may struggle with privacy issues. 

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