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Changing child support may be possible if your income changes

For many parents in New Jersey, one of the hardest parts about going through a divorce is the change in the relationship with their kids. This is particularly true for parents who have less parenting time. Along with less time with your kids than you had before, you will have to deal with the financial consequences of shared custody, which usually means child support payments.

Domestic violence survivors benefit from matched savings program

People in an abusive relationship often feel as though they have no way out. Not only does their partner often emotionally manipulate them in order to make them feel as though they can't leave, experts also say that abusive partners may control or abuse their victim's finances, making it difficult to walk away. New Jersey families may be interested in the story of one out-of-state coalition, working to combat financial abuse, as it helps survivors of domestic violence improve their financial situation.

How women can take control of their finances before divorce

Divorce can happen to anyone, but it impacts some people more than others, especially with regard to finances. Many women feel the effects of divorce the hardest, since they often spend their marriages raising children and taking care of the home rather than working outside of it. They may not feel confident in handling their own finances when they consider getting a divorce. However, experts have tips for women in New Jersey and all over the country who are considering divorce that can help them navigate their new financial circumstances.

2 women launch app for domestic violence survivors

Victims of domestic violence often feel isolated. The person they love the most may also be the one who hurts them physically, emotionally and mentally. They may feel as though they have no way to get away from their partner even if they strongly want to do so. Two women here in New Jersey wanted to give domestic violence survivors a simpler way to get out of an abusive relationship, so they developed an app to help victims file charges against their abusers more easily.

Child support: Man paid $40,000 in delinquent payments

Children need support of all kinds from their parents, including financial. When a child and his or her custodial parent don't receive court-ordered child support payments, it can have a drastically-negative effect on the child's life. It is imperative that parents in New Jersey make and receive payments in accordance with existing child support orders. One out-of-state family's story shows just how delinquent payments can affect kids and those who care for them.

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