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What happens to jointly held investments in a divorce?

The financial impact of a divorce can be significant for a New Jersey couple. The choice to end a marriage can affect everything from lifestyle choices to retirement plans. A person facing the prospect of divorce would be wise to think about how he or she can pursue a fair property division order. This would include terms regarding what will happen to jointly held investment accounts.

What evidence do you need for a premises liability claim?

When you get hurt in a store or on someone else's property, the law in New Jersey may authorize you to bring a premises liability claim against the homeowner, business owner or property manager. Premises liability is the legal and financial liability people incur by allowing others onto their property.

Can one parent refuse the other parent's visitation rights?

Many New Jersey parents enter a new and confusing world when they divorce. Now they must deal with the details of custody and visitation rights as well as the complexities of child support. While these two concepts both seek the well-being of the child, they are separate determinations. Nonpayment of child support is not a valid reason for one parent to deny the other parent court-ordered time with the children.

What documents should be updated after divorce?

The process of ending a marriage has a number of different details that need to be handled. It can feel overwhelming for a lot of people as they try to navigate the changes. There are several different documents related to finances that have to be updated or changed. New Jersey residents who are going through divorce may find the following tips from experts helpful about what to do.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at odds over high asset divorce

Many people might assume that having a lot of money solves any problem imaginable. However, that is a very simplistic view. For those here in New Jersey who are going through a divorce, having a great deal of wealth can actually complicate matters as both spouses and their professional teams work to determine the best way to split assets. Even people in Hollywood aren't immune, as evidenced by the fact that movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still trying to settle their high asset divorce.

How adoption completed one family

There are many ways to make a family. Some people make the decision to adopt a child or children in order to fulfill their dream. Sometimes this is because they are unable to have their own biological children and sometimes it is simply because they feel drawn to do so. Families here in New Jersey may enjoy the story of how one family decided to pursue adoption after the father went on a mission trip to Ethopia.

Grey divorce and its unique challenges

Ending a marriage is generally a major event in any person's life, but it can impact some people more than others. Though most people assume that those getting a divorce are in their 20s, 30s or 40s, research shows that divorce rates are rising for people older than 50. A divorce in that age category is commonly called a "grey divorce." Experts say that there are several differences for those who have a grey divorce, some that make the entire process a bit simpler, and others that can complicate matters. Those here in New Jersey who are considering getting a divorce may find this information helpful.

What are common signs of domestic violence?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in New Jersey and around the country. The hope is to bring raised awareness of an issue that can often leave victims feeling isolated, encouraging them to report their abusers and give their friends and family helpful knowledge if someone they love is in an abusive relationship. Many people say that they don't know what to look for when trying to determine if a person is a victim of domestic violence. Fortunately, experts have several signals that people can watch for and ways to help.

Man arrested for overdue child support

Children in New Jersey have needs, and that remains true whether their parents are in a relationship with one another or not. Even if the parents aren't able to get along, the most important thing is that children's needs are put first. That may mean that one parent is responsible for making child support payments to the other parent. Sometimes, the parent doesn't make those payments, whether he or she is doing so purposefully or because of financial struggle, and it can be difficult to get back on track. This is the question in the case of one man in another state who was recently arrested for not paying child support.

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