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Getting through the holidays together when you want a divorce

The holiday season can put a lot of stress on even the happiest of couples. For those who already feel unhappy in their marriage, a difficult holiday season could be the deciding factor between continuing to try to make the marriage work and seeking a divorce. All of that holiday stress is one of the reasons why divorce filings surge in the early months of the new year.

Divorce and the holidays: How to cope

For many people here in New Jersey, the end of the year is a happy occasion that involves spending time with family. For those who have gone through a divorce, especially if it is recent, this time of year may be less pleasant. Some struggle to enjoy themselves due to hurt feelings and complicated questions about exactly how to handle this time of year. Fortunately, experts say that there several strategies for divorced parents who want to make the holidays as pleasant as possible for their children.

Woman takes to social media to get child support

When one parent owes another child support payments, not receiving them can be devastating. Though there are many reasons that a parent may fail to pay child support, with many of them being understandable, the fact remains that children are the ones who suffer if those payments are not made. New Jersey families may be interested in the case of one woman from out of state who got so fed up with the amount of past-due child support from her ex-husband that she took to social media to plead her case.

Coalition hopes to educate men and prevent domestic violence

Advocates for survivors of domestic violence are always searching for new ways to help those who have been abused or witnessed abuse. One study conducted by New Jersey State Police says that officers report over 60,000 domestic violence incidents each year. In the past, most efforts have focused on the victims, offering support and other help. Though these are admirable, some advocates decided that to stop domestic violence, the best course of action may be to go after those who may become abusers. A new state-wide program hopes to address that exact issue.

How does cheating impact a couple's chance of getting a divorce?

There are many reasons that people decide to end their marriages, but some of them are more common than others. One reason many people decide to end their marriage is because of infidelity. When one spouse cheats on another, either physically or emotionally, it can break the other person's trust beyond repair. However, infidelity doesn't always end in divorce. Several studies have examined cheating and its effects on relationships, and the results may interest those here in New Jersey who are considering ending their relationships.

Celebration for National Adoption Awareness month

Adoption is a wonderful way to have a family. November is National Adoption Awareness month, which focuses on the needs of children in foster care to have a family and a forever home. For families in New Jersey and around the country, adopting a child from foster care is a rewarding way to have children. One out-of-state county recently celebrated the month by having an event to celebrate the adoptions of over 150 children.

Could a "sleep divorce" be good for marriage?

There are many reasons that people decide to get a divorce. Incompatibility is often a big factor in the end of a marriage. Some couples try to find new and creative ways to deal with differences that may help preserve their relationships. One idea that is gaining in popularity is known as a "sleep divorce." Couples in New Jersey may be interested to hear exactly what this involves and how it might actually save their marriage.

Sharing debt may have an impact on divorce

Divorces happen for a number of reasons, to all types of people. One of the most common factors that couples point to as a reason for divorce has to do with disagreements over money. This may be particularly true for couples who have a great amount of debt. A recent study found some interesting gender differences in how couples manage debt in their relationship. Anyone considering a divorce in New Jersey may find the results informative.

Domestic violence survivors unusual ally: Hair stylists

Survivors of domestic violence here in New Jersey have numerous challenges to overcome. They often feel isolated and as though no one understands what they're going through, but abuse from a romantic partner is much more common than people realize. It is so prevalent than many people are working to find ways to identify people in need of help. One group that often sees signs of domestic violence before other people do are hair stylists. Many salons around the country are implementing training programs for their stylists to help them spot signs of abuse.

Taxes can be complex in a high asset divorce

When people make the decision to get a divorce, they generally do not do so lightly. They know that they will have to make choices about how to divide their assets and how to handle custody of their children if they have any. One matter that may not get a lot of attention is the impact that a high asset divorce can have on taxes. Experts say there are two things that people in New Jersey and all over the nation may want to consider when they file for divorce.

Pursuing a fair property division settlement in a divorce

When a person feels the need to end his or her marriage, there are certain things he or she can do to prepare. Individuals who seek a strong property division settlement will be better prepared to adjust financially after the divorce is final, and this can start even before the initial papers are filed. The end of a marriage will affect both New Jersey spouses, but it is possible to secure long-term stability and security.

How older adults can protect their interests in a divorce

Divorce will inevitably bring financial changes to both parties in a divorce. These changes have the potential to impact long-term interests, particularly if the parties are nearing retirement age. Older individuals in New Jersey who are facing divorce will find it beneficial to learn more about how they can protect their financial interests, particularly those related to their long-term security after they stop working.

Making child custody work with a difficult co-parent

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is figuring out how it will impact the children. Child custody is complex, and it doesn't necessarily get easier after the process is final, especially if a person has to work with a difficult co-parent. Co-parenting with a toxic former spouse is never easy, but it is sometimes best for the kids to try and make the process as smooth as possible for the interests of the children.

Michael Strahan accused of underpaying child support

Michael Strahan, a former professional football player and current television personality, is facing serious allegations regarding the financial support of his children. His ex-wife is claiming that he has underpaid child support for a significant amount of time and has avoided other types of payments he is supposed to make concerning his kids. His former wife claims that he currently owes her approximately $500,000 in unpaid child support.

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